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In just three weeks Vivash developed a rare, aggressive cancer. His parents need immediate help saving him

In his six years of life, Vivash has already suffered a lot. He has a rare cancer that is growing very aggressively. In the last two months, his frail body has endured radiation, dialysis and two cycles of chemotherapy. He has seven cycles of chemotherapy left and not one day to spare. His anxious parents have spent everything they have and need help saving their son.

A cancer that blocked his throat in just 3 weeks

Only four months back, Raja noticed a small hard lump on the left side of his son Vivash's throat. He took him to the pediatrician as a precaution to rule out the possibility of a throat infection. After just a week of antibiotics, his parents noticed that the lump had become much bigger. 

Vivash before the lump in his throat

Thinking it could be an immunity problem, they switched to homeopathy. But just three weeks later, the swelling had become very large. They went to the hospital for a biopsy. It took another week for the report to come back, but by now Vivash was in great pain. He couldn't swallow, or even speak because his throat was blocked. Doctors started radiation treatment to arrest the growth.

The biopsy showed that Vivash had Burkitt's Lymphoma – a cancer of the lymphatic system. This is one of the fastest growing tumours in the human body. “We started radiation therapy before we knew it was cancer, which allowed us to arrest the growth of the cancer into his brain. I am scared to think what could have happened if we were even one day late,” his Priya mother explains. 

Despite all that he has had to undergo, Vivash tries to stay upbeat for his family

Despite the urgent need to undergo chemotherapy, the doctors recommended a break so his body could ready itself to fight again. But in that time, his liver developed an equally large cyst. “It was the most horrible time. We knew he was fighting a cancer that was growing. But we had to wait to give him the treatment he needed,” Priya says.     

Fighting his illness with grace and strength

In the last week of November, Vivash was given his first round ofchemotherapy. Even though his body reacted with a seizure and fits, the doctors say the prognosis looks good. Vivash is doing well and will be able to take his chemotherapy on time. 

Vivash with his mother, Priya

When he was born, Priya researched for weeks before settling on the name 'Vivash', (meaning brightness). She wanted her son's name to be unique and Vivash grew up to be a sweet, gentle boy. “At school he is so quiet that when other people steal his things or pinch him, he never complains. I tell him that it is important to speak up. At least to us, his parents,” she says.  

But in a class of boisterous children, Vivash stands out and is well liked because of his even temperament. His doctors believe that it is this steady, quiet strength that has helped him heal despite the punishing treatment he has been undergoing. 

Vivash's parents by his bedside at the hospital

Urgent need for funds

His parents are very relieved to hear the doctors tell them that Vivash has a chance and that he'll make it. They have borrowed from everyone who will lend to them and spent about Rs 11 lakhs on his treatment so far. They have no money to give their son the next round of treatment that he needs urgently.
Raja is a BPO employee who makes Rs 25,000 per month. Priya is a homemaker and the family has no  assets that they can sell to raise more money. “When Vivash first got sick, we asked every one for money and they helped us. Every week, someone would come forward and give us money that we used for that week's treatment. Now we don't have any way to complete his treatment,” says Priya. 

Vivash is the light of his parents' lives and they need help saving him. Help this brave family save Vivash. 

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