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Milaap in news

Crowdfunding platform Impact Guru secures $2 Mn Series A round

EnTrakr May 21 2018

Mention : Apart from Impact Guru, LetsVenture, Milaap, Ketto, and FundMyPitch are some notable crowdfunding platforms from India. Read more

Help Pours In To Secure Wadia Twins' Future After Crowd Funding Campaign

Mid-day May 19 2018

Wadia hospital's beloved twins Riddhi and Siddhi, 5, have now received overwhelming support from people outside of it, too. A crowd funding campaign set up three days ago to gather Rs 55 lakh for their spinal surgeries and education has already gathered Rs 4 lakh. Read more

Crippled After a Surgery Went Wrong, Arjuna Awardee Turns Kids Into TT Champs!

The Better India May 18 2018

This article chronicles the struggles of V Chandrasekaran, a former table tennis champion, and a recipient of the Arjuna Award, one of the highest awards for an Indian sportsperson. In what can only be described as a tragedy, 16 days after he received the award, he slipped into a coma, which left him disabled and partially blind. Read more

To save mangroves, Kutch's camel breeders take to the internet

DNA May 17 2018

The Camel Breeders Association in Kutch has taken to the internet to wage a battle to save several acres of mangrove. Realising that they will need financial assistance to fight a legal battle against the Kandla Port Trust, which has leased several acres of land (a considerable part of it is mangroves) to to private parties for setting up salt manufacturing units, the association has sought financial help through crowdfunding. Read more

March Against Bride Trafficking: Completed over 8000 kms, 4 States of India, 42 days and counting!

IndiaResists May 10 2018

Trafficking is not an isolated incident of crime, it has direct links with different social crimes against women and children. Starting from 25th March, 2018, Shafiqur Rahman Khan, founder of Empower People, along with a dedicated team of members and volunteers, has embarked on an 8000 km long march against bride trafficking (MABT) from Assam to Himachal Pradesh, to raise a mass movement against trafficking and all kinds of violence against women and children. Read more

Solomon's positive mindset sweeps away stigma

Daily Hunt May 08 2018

Solomon Raj is a proud father to 47 HIV positive children. These children had been abandoned by relatives when Solomon took them under his wings. In 2005, a friend mentioned about a 7year-old-boy to Solomon who had seen six HIV related deaths in his family - mother, father and siblings. He was the lone survivor and with only a few days to live. Read more

Intelligence at par: Man & machine

Sakal Times May 07 2018

If you think AI is only helping make our lifestyle better, then think again. The technology is also going to change the way community work is done. Even Milaap, a crowdfunding portal, is using AI to source funds and channelise. Read more

Solomon’s positive mindset sweeps away stigma

The Asian Age May 07 2018

Since all the children are immuno-deficient, they are more prone to falling ill. Treatment gets very expensive due to their special needs. Solomon has been juggling three jobs and multiple other odd jobs to make money for the family. Read more

Solomon’s positive mindset sweeps away stigma

Deccan Chronicle May 07 2018

Solomon Raj is a proud father to 47 HIV positive children. These children had been abandoned by relatives when Solomon took them under his wings. In 2005, a friend mentioned about a 7year-old-boy to Solomon who had seen six HIV related deaths in his family — mother, father and siblings. He was the lone survivor and with only a few days to live. Read more

Menstrupedia : Aditi Gupta

Senhora Magazine May 04 2018

Ever thought that a comic book could ease you of the hassle of explaining menstruation to your child? Read more

How a social organisation has transformed the life of people in Daringbari, Odisha

YourStory May 04 2018

Three decades after it was set up, Jagruti remains relevant in the Maoism-hit region, empowering women and the youth, helping curb the menace of alcoholism, and conserving the forests. Read more

After losing his friend, he’s training suicide gatekeepers

Times of India May 03 2018

(SPIF) came into existence. Nelson Vinod Moses founded SPIF in September 2017 to train suicide gatekeepers, who can play a key role in preventing suicides by recognising early signs, providing necessary intervention and providing access to mental health services. Read more

Cerita Vedika, Remaja 13 Tahun yang Sering Diledek Gadis Ular

Detik Health May 02 2018

Vedika Gupta (13) dari Indore, India, menyandang penyakit genetik langka bernama ichthyosis. Hal tersebut membuat kulit di seluruh tubuh kering dan bersisik hingga Vedika jadi sering diledek sebagai gadis ular. Read more

This 86-Year-Old Lady Is Crowdfunding to Build an Old Age Home and Needs ₹ 4 Crores!

The Better India May 02 2018

Old age can be a difficult time for several people, and many of them do not have the luxury of living with their families and need an extra helping hand, since they only rely on themselves to get by. Read more

Teenager, cruelly dubbed Snake Girl, is forced to live as a recluse due to a rare condition that causes her skin to bleed when exposed to sunlight

Daily Mail UK May 01 2018

Vedika Gupta, 13, from Indore, India, suffers from the genetic disorder ichthyosis, which has confined her to her bedroom. Read more

86-year-old raises Rs 13 lakh through crowdfunding to help the homeless in Bengaluru

Times of India May 01 2018

What started as a personal mission to add meaning to her life has today blossomed into a full-fledged facility for elderly women in Malleswaram. However, Saroja Banappa, 86, is in no mood to rest. Read more

'THEY CALL ME SNAKE GIRL' Teenager forced to hide away due to rare skin condition that leaves her bleeding if she goes out in sunlight

The Sun UK May 01 2018

The 13-year-old suffers from ichthyosis, a rare condition that stops the skin from shedding properly Read more

A primer on crowdfunding

Hindu Business Line Apr 30 2018

Now you can solicit funds from various investors through online platforms Read more

Mumbai unites for causes, effects changes

Hindustan Times Apr 25 2018

Over 80% Indians are not covered under any health insurance plan, according to a survey conducted by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in 2014. The report also highlighted that only 18% of urban population and 14% of rural population is covered under any form of health insurance. This means most Indians have to pay out of pocket when faced with medical emergencies. Read more

That's handy! The Indian school where pupils are taught to be ambidextrous and write in different languages at the SAME TIME

Daily Mail UK Apr 24 2018

A unique school in India where children are taught to write with both the left and right hands - some taking notes in two languages at the same time - is facing closure. Read more

கனவுகளை நனவாக்கும் ஒரு நிதி ஆதாரம்

Dinamani Apr 24 2018

An alternative source for financial help Read more

जतिन लड़ रहा है ज़िन्दगी जंग

Punjab ka sacch Apr 23 2018

पिता ने जनता से की बेटे को बचाने की गुहार Read more

From Aero Space to Government Schools

News Today Apr 20 2018

LMES founder Premanand makes engineering simple for students Read more

Coimbatore-born Srini Swaminathan is using endurance sports to educate children in Rajasthan

Indian Express Apr 20 2018

Five full marathons, five half marathons and 1,000 km on a cycle later Coimbatore-born marathoner and educator Srini Swaminathan is close to reaching 50 percent of his target amount for his 2017 fundraising campaign to educate children from six-night schools in Rajasthan. Read more

A friendly Mammalian

Deccan Chronicle Apr 19 2018

20-year-old animal activist Zabi Khan is on a mission to build the city’s first animal sanctuary by crowdfunding for the same. Read more

Online Crowdfunding Brings Next Big Disruption in Social Activism

Business World Apr 19 2018

Crowdfunding can be a quick and easy way to meet such unanticipated, pressing needs. The Chennai floods at the end of 2015 was a milestone in Indian online fundraising. The city was hit by the worst rains it had seen in the last 100 years. Caught off guard, hundreds lost their lives, while thousands of families were displaced. On one hand, non-profit organisations provided on-ground relief, setting up camps and providing basic necessities. On the other, there were some unsung heroes raising funds online from their social circles, for big or small causes that mattered to them. Read more

A deep dive into angel investments made by founders of Flipkart, Paytm and Ola

YourStory Apr 18 2018

While Paytm’s Vijay started investing as early as 2010 (social venture Milaap was Vijay’s first angel investment), Binny and Sachin began angel investing only in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Read more

Medical Crowdfunding Makes Healthcare Available to All

Business World Apr 18 2018

In India itself, over 600 million people have little or no access to healthcare. There is an important distinction to be made between the ability to access healthcare services and its successful delivery to a wide population. A right to healthcare may be guaranteed in law but not actually available in reality, especially in remote or underdeveloped regions. It does not mean free coverage for all possible health interventions, regardless of the cost, as no country can provide all services free of charge on a sustainable basis. It may be accessible but not affordable. Read more

ऑनलाइन क्राउडफन्डिन्ग आहे ना

Chitralekha magazine Apr 16 2018

क्राउडफन्डिन्ग म्हणजे लोकवर्गणी. अलीकडे अर्थिक संकटात सापडलेल्या बांधकाम व्यिवसाइक डी. एस. कुलकर्णी यांच्या मदतीसाठी क्राउडफन्डिन्गची चर्चा सुरु झाली होती. Read more

A home to return to

The Hindu Apr 13 2018

Twenty-year-old Zabi Khan, has a long list of nominations and ‘first’ to mention with his name as he introduces himself. Read more

How this partially deaf man is turning his photography classes to a moment of joy

EdEx Live Apr 10 2018

For Rajen Nair, the art of photography helped him overcome his pain. Now, he is helping children across India turn to photography to find their mojo Read more

World Health Day: Lack of funds main hinderance to cure cancer, say doctors

Nyooz Apr 07 2018

Universal coverage is important here due to the growing lifestyle ailments. According to the National Cancer Registry programme of the National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research (ICMR), one out of eight men has the possibility of developing cancer in his lifetime (0-74 years). Read more

World Health Day: Lack of funds main hinderance to cure cancer, say doctors

DNA Apr 07 2018

As the World Health Day will be observed globally on April 7, where the theme is 'Universal Health Coverage- Health for All', doctors in India say that the major factor hindering patients from getting the cure is funds. Universal coverage is important here due to the growing lifestyle ailments. Read more

Why Indians are crowdfunding medical treatments

Times of India Apr 07 2018

“More than half of the active fundraisers on Milaap are for medical and emergency cases,” says Anoj Viswanathan, president and co-founder, Milaap. According to him, increased internet penetration and the spread of social media has led to more people crowdfunding medical treatment for themselves or for family and friends Read more

Crowdfunding: A new tool to meet medical emergencies

UNI Apr 06 2018

Crowdfunding platforms have of late, emerged as a new tool, apart from the insurance agencies in meeting the fund requirements for health –related expenses. India’s private healthcares spend currently stands at $90 billion a year. Of this, merely a third is covered by insurance, and the balance $60 billion is met largely with borrowings from friends and family. Read more

Xiaomi Launches Its Crowdfunding Platform in India

Indian Web Apr 06 2018

Though Crowdfunding is not as popular as in the US, nevertheless there are many new and emerging crowdfunding platforms such as Ketto, Milaap, Impact Guru, Crowdera, Desiredwings, Bitgiving and FuelADream. Last year, Desiredwings,a reward based crowdfunding platform, acquired Catapooolt.com to together become the largest crowdfunding platform with various diversified successfully funded campaigns to its portfolio Read more

Jumbo mortgage lender Eave launches in Colorado, promising “ethical mortgages”

Housing Wire Apr 06 2018

On the other hand, the company claims that it helps create a “safe” home in India each time it closes a loan. According to the company, Eave donates $500-$750 per home to a company called Milaap, an Indian crowdfunding platform for personal and social causes, so “families can create the homes they need.” Read more

Revolutionary Mortgage Lender Eave Launches In Colorado

Business Insider Apr 06 2018

Working with a development company, Milaap, Eave donates $500-$750, so families can create the homes they need. Read more

In the town of Bagru, block-printing sets the tone for livelihood

YourStory Apr 06 2018

During the summer and winter months in Bagru, one can see a colourful array of hand-printed fabric hanging over balconies and clotheslines, or spread on open grounds on either side of the road in every corner. Read more

Slam Out Loud Brings Arts Into Education

CNBC News Apr 04 2018

Teach for India fellows Jigyasa Labroo and Gaurav Singh are bringing arts into education in under-served schools so that children can find their voice. With their project Slam Out Loud, they believe that art can create a space for expression and give children a platform where they receive unconditional positive regard.Slam Out Loud is a project under the foundation 'Arts for Social Change, India,' that works at the intersection of arts, education and leadership development with a vision. Read more

Slam Out Loud Brings Arts Into Education

NDTV Apr 04 2018

Teach for India alumni Jigyasa Labroo and Gaurav Singh are bringing arts into education in under-served schools so that children can find their voice. With their project Slam Out Loud, they believe that art can create a space for expression and give children a platform where they receive unconditional positive regard. Read more

Battling ancient traditions, Bhil women want to change their lives for their better

YourStory Apr 03 2018

With the changing scenario and better government policies in place, Madhuben and 17 lakh Bhil women in India, hope to play a stronger role in their families. They wish to get better education and be independent. They want to earn better and contribute towards the family. And most of all they wish for a better future, so that future generations of women would be respected just like tribal Bhil warriors should be. Read more

Pediatric Liver Transplant is rewarding because the child can grow up and live a complete life: Dr. Sonal Asthana

The Economic Times Mar 31 2018

We estimate that approximate anywhere between 5 to 10 thousand children require transplant every year while the number of transplants done in India are less than 150-200. So, we are barely scratching the surface of what is required for transplantation in our country at this time. Read more

“I will nail it” – Ushasree

UraaVi Mar 29 2018

Ushasree cleared the hurdles of Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations with flying colors and now she paused for a good job that will be the pilot of her remaining career. Didn’t happen! Blood cancer vacuum cleaned her parents financially and that became the spoiler of the runway so the plane was unable to takeoff. Now her parents decided to seek help from the ‘Chief Minister’ and the ‘Prime Minister’. Read more

Akriti Heer's motivational story of change

Dainik Bhaskar Mar 29 2018

Need Your Support To Represent India At The Top Of The World https://milaap.org/fundraisers/help-mountaineer-. Read more

This man literally carved out a mountain single-handedly!—the reason will make you feel inspired

Goodtimes Mar 27 2018

Determination can push a man to do great and extraordinary things. Love can break boundaries and even carve mountains. The combination between love and determination can set a man to achieve the impossible. That is what happened to the late Dashrath Manjhi also known as ‘The Mountain Man’. Read more

45 Angel Investors Putting Their Trust In the Growing Startup Culture In India

MensXp Mar 27 2018

Mention: Vijay Shekhar Sharma: Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Paytm. He holds a degree in Electronics & Communications from Delhi College of Engineering. These are his portfolio companies: Unacademy, GOQii, Flyrobe, sourceeasy, InnerChef, The Ken, Milaap, TapChief, Remitware Payments, FactorDaily, ZAPR, Innov8 Coworking, DealStreetAsia, hiver, Read more

Aajicha Ghar: A place where children of sex workers can reclaim their childhood

TimesNow News Mar 26 2018

Through her NGO, Aajicha Ghar which roughly translates to Nani Ka Ghar, Sawant has given shelter to numerous transgenders and children of ‘sex workers'. In a conversation with Milaap, Sawant shared her story and what inspired her to take up this noble job. Read more

Trans-mommy Gauri Sawant has a new dream: a Nani ka Ghar for children of sex workers

YourStory Mar 23 2018

After adopting 5-year-old Gayatri in 2001, Gauri Sawant is working on her pet project, a home where children of sex workers will be provided with shelter, food, healthcare, and basic education. Read more

How one man’s mission is bringing Ladakh its first university

YourStory Mar 23 2018

Sonam Wangchuk’s famous SECMOL plans to launch Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh, to encourage experiential learning via practical application of knowledge. Read more