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Mamataben Kukabhai And Group
from Surendranagar, Gujarat

Purpose : to construct and renovate private toilets

Mamataben Kukabhai Chovisia is a 33-year old married entrepreneur who hails from Sundernagar in Gujarat. She lives in a family of five and the only source of income comes from the cloth selling business they own. The monthly income barely covers the monthly expenditure let alone help save to build a toilet. She lives with her husband and three children. Only one of them goes to school. With increasing expenses it's difficult for Mamtaben to save for the expenses including school expenses for one of the children. Mamtaben wishes to con...  Read more

$ 332.59

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$ 128.92

Umarani Behera
from BBSR-Khandagiri, Odisha

Purpose : To pay for private coaching fees and buy study materials to continue education

12-years-old Umarani is staying with her parents in Khurda district, Orissa. She is a class 7th student of Baramunda Housing Board Colony Project Primary School, Bhubaneswar. Her mother Puspalata is a cook of a private canteen. Their family income is around Rs 9,000 per month. Despite of several financial constraints, Puspalata is willing to carry her daughter’s education. To support Umarani's education, her mother Puspalata(as she is in the picture with her daughter) has applied for a loan of Rs. 30,000 from Mahashakti Foundation, a...  Read more

$ 281.81

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$ 2,486.77

Sandeep Chavan
from Thane, Maharashtra

Purpose : To pay for his mother's surgery and other health related expenses

31-year-old Sandeep Chavan lives with his family of two in Mumbai. He earns a monthly income of Rs. 20,000. His income is mostly spent in household expenses, so he manages to save very little. Sandeep's mother Darshana Chavan, 60, is suffering from a severe case of back pain. At her age, the condition is painful and not easily bearable. Considering the severity of the case, surgery has been suggested by the doctors along with continuous treatment. The entire cost of the treatment is too expensive for Sandeep to bear on his own. Hence...  Read more

$ 151.99

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$ 309.10

Siba Shankar Mahapatra
from Muniguda, Odisha

Purpose : To pay coaching and education fees to continue higher education

Siba Shankar Mahapatra is an 18-year-old boy pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Autonomous College, Rayagada. He stays with his parents in Rayagada district, Orissa and his parents are interested to give him support for further higher education. His mother Sudeshna Mahapatra is doing a private job and their household income is around Rs. 9,000 per month. The savings are not sufficient to support the educational expenses. To support Siba Shankar’s education, his mother Sudeshna is requesting for a loan of Rs. 30,000 from Mahashakti Fo...  Read more

$ 207.24

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$ 175.69

Manti Ray
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : to support her family's agribusiness

Manti lives in a small village of Madarihat. She is a 48 years old hard-working mother of a grown up son. Though she is a homemaker, she works along with her husband on the field. Manti’s husband cultivates beans, gourds, cabbages, peas, and other seasonal vegetables and then sells the harvests in the local market to sustain his family. Manti also helps her husband in the agricultural works during busy seasons. This is the main source of income for the family. The whole income is spent in buying household requirements and other fee...  Read more

$ 95.90

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$ 211.76

Varshaben Alkeshbhai Meda
from Dahod, Gujarat

Purpose : To expand her tailoring business by buying a new knitting machine

The lands of Dahod in Gujrat has witnessed an inspiring story of a 25-year-old woman who is a labeled as the young entrepreneur in and in the associated nearby villages.Varshaben has her own tailoring business where she makes the unique marvelous garments such as dresses ,kurties,salwar suit and much more from the unswitched clothing materials.Her artful skills have earned her title of best tailor in the nearby and her own village.The family was completed after they are blessed with baby girl in the near future But despite such ap...  Read more

$ 253.06

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$ 208.46

Madhusmita Jena
from BBSR-Khandagiri, Odisha

Purpose : To pay for private coaching fees and school fees to continue education

Madhusmita, a 9-year-old stays with her parents in Khurda district, Orissa. She is reading in class 3 at Baramunda Housing Board Primary School, Bhubaneswar. Her mother Sasmita is a tailor by profession and her father is doing a private job. Their family income is around Rs. 9,000 per month. They are finding it difficult to pay for Madhusmita‘s private tuition fees and purchase the text books together at the same time with their meager savings. Sasmita (as she is in the picture with her daughter) has applied for a loan of Rs.30,000 t...  Read more

$ 46.84

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$ 414.61

Hemabati Toijam
from Singjamei Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To expand her hotel business by adding more items to it like tea, pakora, spicy yellow peas etc.

48-year-old Hemabati hails from Imphal West, Manipur. She runs a hotel in her hometown. She is married and lives with the household which has three members. She earns only around Rs. 4,500 per month from this business. The total household income is Rs. 10,000 out of which around Rs. 7,100 is spent on its expenses, and she must spend around Rs. 4,000 for the household as well after which barely anything is left for savings. Hence, she has applied for a loan amount of Rs. 30,000 from Milaap’s field partner Chanura, which would enable...  Read more

$ 130.29

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$ 253.29

Sarathi Bagdi
from Mayureshwar, West Bengal

Purpose : to purchase necessary farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, pesticides for cultivation of cabbages

Sarathi Bagdi, age 46, hails from Birbhum, West Bengal. She is married to Swapan Bagdi and lives with one son, daughter-in-law, one grandson and one granddaughter. Sarathi’s husband is a farmer who engaged in farming activities and she is a housewife. Farming is the major source of income of the family. Her husband produces seasonal vegetables from their farmland and sells them in the local market. Sarathi also helps her husband in agricultural works after managing her daily household chores. To expand their business for future devel...  Read more

$ 75.53

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$ 231.68

Jaynab Begam
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : to buy potato seeds, fertilizers, insecticides to improve productivity of her farm

Jaynab is a homemaker from Madarihat in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. She is 51 years old and the mother of two sons. Her both sons are engaged in cultivation. Her husband 56 years old Ramjan is associated with potato cultivation. Together with her husband, who takes care of all the hardest maintenance chores, she works every day fertilizing and cleaning their cropland since it is one of the important source of income for the family. They are giving hard efforts in agriculture, such as planting and applying compost correctly in ...  Read more