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Parbati Ghosh
from Kandi, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand dairy farming business by purchasing a cow and sell milk products like curd, butter etc.

Parbati is a 47-year-old woman hailing from the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. She has a household size of 3 and a monthly income of INR 9,000. She wants to expand her dairy business by purchasing another cow as she rears cows and supplies cow milk to her neighbors and to the local milkmen and sells curd, butter, cottage cheese etc. Hence, she has applied for a loan amount of INR 38,000 from Milaap's field partner BJS. She is grateful to all the lenders for this financial help....  Read more

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$ 66.97

Minaben Maheshbhai Chavda
from Morbi, Gujarat

Purpose : To expand sari business

Minaben is 27 years old, and is a fairly proficient businesswoman. As a mother of a young daughter, she is a deeply anxious about her child's future and is readily looking for ways to earn a steady and better living. Presently, Minaben is running a sari business at her locality, in the region of Morbi, Gujarat. She sells saris of cotton, silk, Bandhani, Banarasi, and other models. She is making an honest living out of it, but would like to be able to look ahead a t a much prosperous careers. Minaben is planning to expand her business ...  Read more

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Huro Bibi
from CHANDABALI, Odisha

Purpose : To purchase goats for her animal sales business

Huro has a very steady mind as a businesswoman. She is 48 years old, is married to her husband Jalaludin, with whom she has a daughter. Besides the three of them, her household also shelters two other close relatives. To keep her family up and running, Huro does her best both as a homemaker and the proprietor of an animal sales business. She is mostly involved in the sales and purchase of goats, which are quite in demand for their meat in Huro's region of residency, Bhradak, Odisha. But her current sales are not sufficient enough to b...  Read more

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$ 83.04

Krishna Devi
from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Purpose : To expand her stitching business

Krishna is a 45-year-old woman who resides in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. She has a house hold of 4 members.Krishna is a hardworking entrepreneur. she is the only working member of the family. She earns a living by making and selling ladies suits.The money she earns is not enough for her family to suffice. She is also concerned about her sons and daughters education and wants them to have a bright future. Thus,Krishna is thinking about expanding her tailoring business and earning more money. Krishna is planning on buying a sewing ma...  Read more

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$ 90.63

Kalpana Das
from Swarupganj, West Bengal

Purpose : To invest in cloth business.

Kalpana Das is a 41 year old woman residing in Nabadweep, West Bengal. She and her husband have a cloth business that helps them earn Rs. 7,100 monthly. They have an expenditure of Rs. 3800. They make items such as pants, shirts and saris. They wish to increase their income by investing more in the business. Hence, she has applied for a loan of Rs. 25,000 from Gram Bikash, a field partner of Milaap. This loan will help them purchase more cloth and sell more items....  Read more

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$ 89.91

Suraj Kanwar
from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Purpose : To expand her weaving business

Suraj is a 44-year-old woman who resides in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. She has a house hold of 5 members.She is married and blessed with a girl and a boy. Suraj is a hardworking homemaker.The money she saves is not enough for her family to suffice.Suraj is thinking about expanding her weaving business and earning more money.Suraj weaves Rajai (blanket).Suraj is planning on buying raw materials for the expansion of her business.Suraj wants to raise her family's standard of living.She lacks capital so she has asked for a loan of Rs30...  Read more

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$ 80.06

Shardaben Chamanbhai Padhiyar
from Morbi, Gujarat

Purpose : to purchase necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles etc. to expand her jewelry business

49-year-old Shardaben is a rural woman from Morbi district of Gujarat. She is blessed with three children. Unfortunately, her husband passed away a few years ago tragically. However, being a woman of grit and determination, she has carried on with life and is a successful entrepreneur. She runs a retail imitation jewelry business. She buys varieties of jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, bangles, and also modern fashionable jewelry sets etc. made of gold-plated metal from the wholesale market and sell to the local shops and neighbor...  Read more

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$ 97.72

Ashwini Virupakshi Mattiwade
from Ghataprabha, Karnataka

Purpose : To invest in centering business

31-year-old Ashwini resides in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. She lives with her family of 5, that has an income of Rs. 8000 a month. The family saves Rs. 4000, which is not sufficient. Ashwini wishes to help her husband's centering business. Hence, she has applied for a loan of Rs. 30,000 from MASS, a field partner of Milaap. With this loan, she will purchase the required materials for the business. Your loan will help her brighten the future of her 3 children ....  Read more

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$ 113.79

Rupali Begam
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To buy seeds and fertilizers to cultivate more paddy

Rupali, a 29 year old woman, belongs to Alipuardar district of West Bengal. She is married and lives with her husband who works as a farmer. He grows paddy and sells the harvested product in the local town market and to wholesalers. Rupali tries to help her husband with his cultivation work. To further supplement the agriculture business, Rupali and her husband want to cultivate paddy on a large scale. Paddy is a profitable crop throughout West Bengal; also the climate is in accordance to the cultivation of the crop. For this expans...  Read more

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$ 49.29

Nandita Ghosh
from Maynaguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase cow and fodder for dairy business expansion

Nandita is a 50-year old married woman residing in Maynaguri in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal. She has a family of 3 members. Her husband runs a small tea stall in their locality and her son works as a labor. She is associated with her own micro-enterprise of selling cow milk and manages to accumulate an amount of Rs.9,000 per month. She realises that an increase in her income levels and control over income will ensure greater levels of economic independence. It will give her an independent means of generating wealth and becomi...  Read more