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Sharadaben Amarshibhai and Group
from Morbi, Gujarat

Purpose : To start new trades and expand existing businesses

Sharadaben Amarshibhai Shrimali is a 49-year-old woman hailing from Morbi district of Gujarat. She is from a household of five members, which runs on a monthly income of Rs. 10,000, of which Rs. 6,000 goes towards expenses. Sharadaben wants to improve the living conditions of her family by starting her own business and increasing the household income. She has joined hands with like-minded women - namely, Ganga, Ratanben, Chandrikaben, and Ramilaben. Sharadaben leads this group of women, all of whom wants to either start their own ...  Read more

$ 443.32

Still Requires
$ 1,768.78

Rita Haldar and Group
from Samudragarh, West Bengal

Purpose : To support her husband for fast food business

Rita Haldar (first from left standing), 37, residing in a small village named Panchlaki, Nasratpur in Burdwan district of West Bengal wants to support her husband for a fast food business. She and her husband Mr. Ratan Haldar make fast food like chow, roll, puri, porota etc. in the local area and sell them to customers. She has a household size of 4 and a monthly income of Rs. 6000 with savings of Rs.2000 hence wishes to increase her family monthly income by Rs.1000 expectedly if they expand their business. She was joined by her f...  Read more

$ 1,080.52

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$ 434.56

Santhi and Group
from Trichy City, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To build toilets in their homes

The sanitation crisis in India is a result of poor infrastructure and lack of education. This group of 5, led by Santhi, living in Trichy City, in the state of Tamil Nadu has understood the importance of having a toilet at home. But they do not have the means to build one. With no access to a toilet, their families have to walk long distances to answer nature's call in private: in dense bushes or isolated fields. Their women and girls, seeking privacy, often resort to waking up before sunrise to relieve themselves. These unsanitary pr...  Read more

$ 1,116.27

Still Requires
$ 398.75

Rekha and Group
from Trichy City, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To construct toilets and improve sanitation facilities in their homes

Rekha leads a group of 5 in Trichy City, Tamil Nadu. They come from similar backgrounds, working hard to sustain their families. They have no access to toilets, and their therefore have to resort to open defecation using the false privacy of nearby fields and surrounding shrubbery. These families, especially their women and daughters, are subsequently at risk of infection, molestation, and even insect or animal bites. Seeking to improve their situation, they seek a loan of Rs. 100000 to build toilets in their homes. As they begin ...  Read more

$ 2,140.43

Still Requires
$ 359.47

Laxmi Jivan Kuwale and Group
from Kukshi, Madhya Pradesh

Purpose : To increase the inventory of jewellery to expand her business

Laxmi (the lady standing in first from LHS), 26, is a resident of the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. She lives with her family which consists of three members. Her total household monthly income is Rs. 9,500. She intends to develop a small business selling jewellery in which she would make and sell bangles, necklace, ring, earring etc in the market during the festival season. Therefore, she has joined hands with 10 other women, who wish to start and expand their respective business like the grocery business, goat-rearing bus...  Read more

$ 272.59

Still Requires
$ 484.93

Sumitra Bahu Naduvinakeri
from Ghataprabha, Karnataka

Purpose : To buy another buffalo for her milk and milk products business

The village of Mugalkhod in Kartanaka is home to Sumitra. She is a former devadasi and now, at the age of 53, lives there peacefully with her husband. She works in agriculture, on an as-needed basis by local farmers. As their income per month is around Rs 15,000 and expenses take Rs 11,000 of that, sum, there is little left over to help her expand her buffalo raising business. Buffaloes are often kept by village women as they are a great source of milk which can be sold or turned in to butter, ghee or curds. The dung may also be ...  Read more

$ 571.19

Still Requires
$ 883.33

Maina Takiri and Group
from Muniguda, Odisha

Purpose : To expand her dry foods and snacks business

Many Indian women living in small villages run their own commercial enterprises, often from their own home. The income raised here can make a great difference to the well being of the household, especially when the main breadwinner is employed in agriculture or another low-wage industry. Maina is a 37 years old married women, with two children and does just this. Living in Muniguda, in the state of Odish, her family monthly income is Rs 8,500 and outgoings are Rs 6,500, so there is very little money available to expand her first-n...  Read more

$ 430.60

Still Requires
$ 1,751.21

Sabita Das and Group
from Shantipur, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand their individual vegetable business

Sabita and her husband run a vegetable vending business in the district of Nadia in West Bengal, India. She lives with her husband Mr. Ananda Das and their one school going daughter. They buy vegetables from the wholesale market and sell them at increased profits in the local market to the consumers. They have a monthly income of Rs. 8100 out of which Rs. 4,700 goes into managing their monthly expenses, leaving no room to invest into their quality of living. Sabita and her husband have hence decided that the way forward would be for t...  Read more

$ 376.50

Still Requires
$ 1,850.75

Shyamali Karmakar and Group
from Swarupganj, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand their individual paddy and jute businesses

In the remote village of Swarupganj, resides Shyamali along with her husband and their 2 children. She manages the household and also lends a hand in her husband's paddy and jute business. Her husband, Mr. Ranjit Kamakar, purchases purchase paddy and jute when they are in season from wholesale market, stock them up and sell them in off seasons in the local market at hiked prices. Through this they earn Rs. 8300 every month out of which Rs. 5800 gets spent in covering their monthly expenditure. In order to provide uninterrupted educa...  Read more

$ 361.16

Still Requires
$ 1,744.89

Adar Debnath and Group
from Samudragarh, West Bengal

Purpose : to expand their handloom businesses

Adar Debnath residing in a small village named Nandai, Gabtala in Burdwan district of West Bengal wants to support her husband's to make sari and sari business. She has a household size of 5 and a monthly income of Rs. 5000 with savings of Rs.2000 hence wishes to increase her monthly income. The loan amount of Rs. 5000 from Gram Bikash Kendra will help Adar Debnath to support her husband to make and sell more sarees in the local market. She was joined with her friends who also want to expand their respective businesses to be at a bett...  Read more