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This Farmer Will Lose His Only Child To Cancerous Brain Tumor Without Urgent Help

Prachaswith would always spend his time at home playing and feeding the buffaloes. He used to be so happy and full of life,” recalls Girish as he looks at his son who looks weak and tired because of the dreadful brain cancer that has taken over his childhood. When Prachaswith asks his father for how much longer he needs to take painful needles every day, Girish would console him saying that it will be over soon. But deep inside Girish constantly fears that he will lose his only son if he doesn’t continue his treatment.

Prachaswith is just 3 years old, but he’s already been through so much pain and suffering. He needs radiotherapy, which is the only way for him to recover from this fatal disease but his poor parents have exhausted all their funds and need help.

He stopped doing everything he loved when his vomiting episodes didn't stop

Being the only child, little Prachaswith was pampered by his parents Girish and Kalpana. He spends most of the time riding his tiny bicycle in the backyard of their tiny home in Nizamabad, Telangana. And sometimes he would help his farmer father by feeding calves and playing with them. However, Kalpana grew concerned when Prachaswith began vomiting regularly for an extended period of time. The local doctors assured them that it was nothing but a viral infection and prescribed medicines for him to get better.

Prachaswith when he was hale and hearty

Prachaswith got better, but a few days later he started vomiting again. Girish and Kalpana also noticed that Prachaswith seemed to have very poor balance and his condition worsened so much that he was unable to sit up by himself. His parents understood that it was more serious than just a viral infection and so took him to Hyderabad, Telangana for better consultation.

He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour

After a few tests, Prachaswith was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of cancerous brain tumor positioned towards the back and bottom of the brain, that can spread to the entire body if not treated on time. Prachaswith underwent surgery immediately and it was after the surgery the doctors found out that he also needs chemotherapy and radiotherapy to fight this cancerous tumor. He has currently undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy and needs to undergo radiotherapy to completely recover. 'We were devastated and in complete shock when we got the news. I wanted to save my son anyhow and so, with great difficulty, I arranged money for his operation and his treatment, but even that wasn't enough.’ says Girish who is still struggling to arrange money for his son’s treatment.

Prachaswith during his better days

“I don't have even a rupee left to continue his treatment”

“For the past few months, my son has known nothing but pain. It's really horrifying and tough for me to see my only son go through this. But the doctors said that he’s making progress and needs to continue his treatment for a few more days to get better but I have barely anything left to continue his treatment.” - Girish, father

A farmer by profession, Girish sold his tiny piece of land and borrowed money from others to start his son’s treatment. He spent Rs 8 Lakhs which is way more than what he earns in a year. Girish is in huge debt and has no money left to continue his son’s treatment. He needs your help.

He has one last chance for a healthy life

Prachaswith longs to go back home so that he can look after those little calves and ride his tiny bicycle. Girish and Kalpana did everything in their power to meet the treatment expenses but even that wasn’t enough. Little Prachaswith needs radiotherapy to fight brain cancer and he can only do it with your help.

Girish and Kalpana need your help to save their son

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