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12-Year-Old With Cancer Fears He Will Never Leave The Hospital Alive While His Parents Struggle To Save Him

More than 6 years of painful injections, frequent headaches and nausea from taking strong has made Omm believe that he will never be able to beat cancer.

“Omm fears meeting people again after becoming confined to the four walls of the hospital for so long, but he misses school terribly. The fact that he scribbles on his old school notebooks and keeps them close to him at all times is proof of this. But when we tell him that he can beat this dreadful disease, he dismisses it. He knows that we are very poor and cannot afford his treatment,”- Jhunurani Naik, mother

‘Once he was so confident he would beat this dreadful disease'

Omm (12) was first diagnosed with severe blood cancer in 2013, when he was just 6 years old. A meticulous, well-liked student and a teacher’s pet, everybody in his school was worried when he had stopped attending classes all of a sudden. Omm learnt of his condition from his father, who fought back his tears while telling him. But surprisingly, Omm took the news quite well. Even when he was extremely weak, he would be brimming with confidence. In the middle of his treatment, Omm went to meet his classmates and teachers and told them that he would be back soon. At that point, he was so positive that he would beat cancer. And he did, until it came back for him.

“After two years of treatment, he was declared cancer-free in 2015. He was so happy that he could finally go back to school and lead a normal life. He had just started focusing better on his studies and following a routine when he was down with high fever again. We prayed for it to not be cancer again, but who can stop fate? From 2017, his life has revolved around hospitals and suffering again.”-Fakir Mohan

Photo taken when Omm was about to leave the hospital in 2015, after being declared cancer-free for the first time

Along with Omm’s smile and energy, his parents’ hopes have waned too

The Omm that Jhunurani and Fakir Mohan know never stayed quiet for more than 5 minutes. He’d never stay idle – he was always either helping his father on the farm or his mother in the kitchen. Today, Omm is the complete opposite- his parents can’t make him smile despite their best efforts.

These parents will be forced to sell their hut and live on the roads without your help

The family was completely dependent on farming for income – and this varies depending on the harvest.  Some months, they get as less as Rs 3,000 too. Now with no land or any money left, Fakir Mohan has nothing to save his son Omm. Omm has braved the gruelling chemotherapy so far, and it's the only thing keeping him going. He needs your help to get timely treatment and fight cancer.

Your kind contribution will ensure that Omm is able to get better and live a normal life

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