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With Only 3 Weeks Left For A Life-saving Liver Transplant, This Father Prays For Help

“The sight of my son crying day and night with a painfully swollen stomach is very terrifying. He holds his stomach tight, and bites the pillow to stop screaming. His tiny body is suffering from an enlarged liver. Doctors say he urgently needs a liver transplant within three weeks. Even after selling my wife’s jewellery and borrowing loans on huge interest, I am barely able to afford his medicines. There is hardly anytime left and I have exhausted all the possibilities. All I am able do is pray for help” - Riyazuddin, Baby Anasuddin's father.

This 1-year-old’s liver is completely damaged and the disease will kill him soon without urgent surgery

Baby Anasuddin is suffering from a rare disease, Type 1 Tyrosinemia, a genetic metabolic disorder that causes the body's inability to effectively break down the amino acid tyrosine (protein). This damaged his liver completely and caused severe respiratory infection. Liver transplant is this baby’s last option for cure. His condition is very critical and needs a transplant within three weeks.

“When I was told that he can undergo the transplant only when his infection is cured, I sold all the valuables at home and knocked every door for help. His treatment began with the little money I collected. To continue it, I worked hard and saved every rupee I can. And on the other hand, my wife and I made sure he gets proper diet. We had to educate ourselves about the low protein foods. A slight increase in protein can cost us his life. Every day was a test for us,” - Riyazuddin.

Only after shuttling between many hospitals and undergoing various tests, Anasuddin’s disease was diagnosed.

When Anasuddin was just 10 months old he suffered from a high temperature and diarrhea. He was under constant medication but the doctors failed to diagnose his disease. Nearly after two months, several tests revealed that he is suffering from a rare disease. By the time it was discovered, the disease ravaged his body and left him at death’s door.

“The severe pain in his stomach is only increasing by the day. We tried numerous medications but nothing can control it. He is unable to even walk properly. He is often tried of weeping. He can only eat rice and drink milk, I see him craving for some difference in taste. I feel completely helpless in this situation and I have no choice but to feed him forcefully. But his diarrhoea leaves my efforts in vain,” - Nausheen, Baby Anasuddin's mother.

This daily wage labourer is determined to save his son but with earnings of only Rs. 300 a day he feels lost

Riyazuddin colours and polishes the finger rings and chains in a small jewellery store in Charminar bazaar, Hyderabad. The day he manages to make it to work, he earns Rs 300. He is the sole earner for the family of six. Including his savings and borrowed amount, he spent upto one lakh until today. But he cannot bear the expenses of the only treatment that can save his son.

I pray day and night to Allah to save my son from death. I will do anything to save my child, but 18 lakhs is beyond my means. My son is just three weeks away from his surgery and this is my last chance. With a short notice I am unable to arrange such a huge amount. Now, only with strangers help he can live ” - Riyazuddin.

A rare disease has damaged this 1-year-old's liver completely and needs to undergo liver transplant within 3 weeks. Your kind contribution can save his life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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