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A Rare Disease Has Damaged This 1-Year-Old's Liver, Needs Urgent Help
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“Sometimes the pain and swelling in his stomach gets so bad that even my wife, Nausheen can’t calm him down. He clenches his teeth, holds onto his stomach and wails out uncontrollably. It is such a painful sight to see. Worst of all is the feeling of helplessness that I feel as a father. All I can do is just look at my little baby as he cries in pain. The doctors say that the only way he can get better is through an urgent liver transplant but there’s no way I can afford that,” - Riyazuddin, father of little Anasuddin. 

Anasuddin was only 10-months-old when his parents noticed that their baby’s health was going downhill

Anasuddin has been diagnosed with Type 1 Tyrosinemia. It is a genetic disorder characterized by elevated blood levels of the amino acid tyrosine, a building block of most proteins. Shortage of one of the enzymes required for the multi-step process that breaks down tyrosine leads to this medical condition. It often results in an abnormally enlarged liver, something that happened to little Anasuddin. The doctors have told the desperate parents their child’s only hope lies in a transplant. 

“Anasuddin had severe dysentery for some days when we took him to our local doctor. The doctor told us that it was because of the pair of teeth that were coming up in his mouth. But he did not get any better and soon we had to take him to a different hospital. After a series of tests, they told us that our little son is suffering from this genetic condition. It took us so many days to understand what is wrong with our baby - I think I don’t understand it enough even now. All I know is that I need to get him a transplant that will save his life.” 

The disease has stunted his growth and has made little Anasuddin so weak that he can’t even walk a few steps

Riyazuddin and Nausheen’s 1- year-old baby boy has been completely ravaged by this deadly genetic disease that is making him weaker by the day. He complains of a terrible pain in his stomach and runs a temperature.

He has just learnt to walk but he is so weak that just after he takes two steps, he sits down. His stomach is swollen and his hands and legs have shriveled due to the disease. The constant pain has made my little one cranky. With numerous restrictions on his food, it is very difficult to make something that he would enjoy to eat - so most of the time he goes without eating and drinks only milk.” 

A daily wage labourer, Riyazuddin is having a tough time trying to run his family and get his little son treated

Riyaz lives with his four children - three daughters and one son - and his wife a little far from Charminar in Hyderabad. He works as a daily wage labourer in a small factory and earns about Rs 250-300 per day. He has been struggling very hard since his baby boy was diagnosed with the disease. Anasuddin remains sick and has to be taken to the hospital almost twice every week. Riyaz has already spent around Rs 35,000 for the treatment. Both the parents are willing to be the donor for their baby but the liver transplant would cost them Rs 18 lakhs, which is completely beyond their means. 

How you can help

Little Anasuddin is fighting a severe genetic disease that is slowly damaging his liver. He needs a liver transplant at the earliest but his poor parents are unable to afford the life-saving transplant. Your kind support can help save little Anasuddin’s life.

Your generous contribution will help Anasuddin fight back the disease

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