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5-Year-Old Hates Looking At Herself As Cancer Has Changed Her Drastically, Needs Urgent Help

There was a time when little Afsheen would spend hours in front of the mirror, combing her shiny black hair and powdering her rosy cheeks, asking her mummaHow do I look?’ “She was once so proud of people calling her cute and complimenting her good looks. Little did we know she would fall prey to the evil eye and battle deadly cancer…that too at such a young age,” laments Mojamill, her father.

 Now, Afsheen has lost most of her hair and has become weak and skinny. She spends her time swiping through her old photos and videos and crying saying ‘Why do I look like this?' and generally avoids looking at herself in the mirror. Her parents Mojamill and Shaira assure her that she would be back to her old self soon, but they do not have the resources to continue her cancer treatment.

‘She lost over 5 kgs in the span of a few months’

Afsheen was a bubbly and energetic kid who spent all day playing with the kids in her neighborhood before she fell sick in June last year. All of a sudden, her laughter was replaced by whimpers, as she began vomiting 7-8 times in a day. Along with this, her parents noticed that there was something different about her left eye – it looked like it was shining abnormally.
 “We took her to many doctors, but nobody could find out the reason for her vomiting episodes and nobody took her eye problem seriously either. Despite Ct scans after endoscopies after every test under the son, nothing was coming to light.  We were very worried as our child was eating less due to extreme weakness,” recalls Mojamill.

Finally, it was in December that she was diagnosed with eye cancer, and doctors think her vomiting episodes are related to a kidney infection that she may be suffering from. She was started on chemotherapy immediately and has completed 2 rounds so far.

There is a 50/50 chance that she might lose her eyesight, but her parents want to save her life 

 It was within a few days of getting Afsheen started on chemotherapy that doctors broke the sad news to her parents: her cancer is so advanced that it can cause partial or full loss of vision. Mojamill and Shaira were shocked but kept their cool as they wanted to stay strong for the sake of their child.  

"Whatever the doctor told was too much to take, but all that we are worried about is saving her life. She has become a bag of bones, is able to ingest only liquid food. I have not seen her smile in months now and her voice has become so feeble now, adds Mojamill.

This father can save his daughter with your help

Mojamill works in a computer and mobile repair shop in Bengaluru, and earns a modest income. He had been saving up for his two daughters – 9-year-old Mehreen and 5-year-old Afsheen’s future when bad times fell on the family, after Afsheen got diagnosed with cancer. He had to spend all his savings (almost Rs 2 lakhs) on Afsheen’s treatment till now. He’s also not been able to go to work regularly because of the regular hospital visits.

“Afsheen needs prolonged chemotherapy if she has to beat this deadly disease. We cannot stop her treatment abruptly due to lack of money – it can lead to dangerous consequences. Please help us,”-Mojamill

Your support can save little Afsheen's life.

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