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8-Year-Old Trishti Has To Bear Excruciating Pain Till She Gets Treatment For Brain Cancer

Deepak Singh, 8-year-old Trishti's father says, “I have never hurt anybody. I don’t know why my child has to suffer through this fate and go through so much suffering and pain.
8-year-old Trishti Singh was diagnosed with final stage cancer last month and has been battling for life since then. She is in a lot of pain, more than what an 8-year-old can bear. Her helpless parents have no support to save her life.

Trishti with her parents at the hospital

Trishti's Cancer was not diagnosed for months

Trishti is at an age when life is supposed to be fun and games. But a month ago, Trishti's life changed forever. It started with pain in her left eye. Her father took her to an eye doctor and she was prescribed medication and spectacles for her poor eye-sight. A week later when she became sick again and started vomiting, they took her to the neurologist at BHU hospital, Varanasi, who treated her with medication.

The family went back to their hometown in Arrah, Bihar, for chhat puja when her condition worsened. Trishti fainted 4-5 times a day. She also started having seizures and her skin turned yellow. The left side of her body was partially paralysed. Her family rushed back to the hospital the same evening and admitted her.

Trishti before she got cancer

Finally, after CT scans and MRIs, little Trishti was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in her brain, which had already turned cancerous and needed immediate attention.

Trishti has no choice but to bear constant pain till she gets a surgery

At the moment, her left eye and head are swollen up because of fluid deposit in her brain. This is causing her a lot of pain. It will take a few surgeries before Trishti can be up on her feet again. The first surgery will remove the excess fluid in her head. Only then will she get an operation for her tumour. Till the surgery - she has no choice but to live through crippling pain and constant nausea. 

'Cancer' is a blow to Trishti's family

Trishti’s Cancer has been a shock to her family. Her grief-struck father has no means to fund her treatment. He is himself recovering from a stomach illness for which he has been bedridden for months. It even cost him his job as a salesperson in a clothing store in Varanasi. All the savings were spent on his treatment. Deepak has borrowed heavily for Trishti's treatment so far.

Smart and chirpy, 8-year-old Trishti doesn’t even know what monster she’s fighting. Her head has been shaved off depriving her of the lustrous locks she had loved. Talking gives her headaches and she spends most of her time sleeping in the hospital bed, counting hours till she goes home.

How You Can Help

Life is hard for a poor family in India, but that doesn't need to stop them from wanting life-saving treatment. Trishti’s condition is getting worse with each passing day and the family has spent everything they had towards her treatment. Deepak’s inability to get funds shouldn’t come in the way of saving Trishti. Your contribution can help save a little girl’s life and bring back joy to this family. 

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