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2-year-old Arfath Is Fighting A Deadly Blood Disorder That Is Causing Multi-organ Failure

What were the chances of both our children getting the same disease? If we cannot consent for the surgery soon, we will end up losing them both.
My name is Maqbool. My wife, Jabeen and I have 2 children – Ayaan (5) and Arfath (2). When they were both 11 months old when the symptoms struck. First Ayaan, now Arfath struggling with a rare blood disease that is now affecting their liver. Arfath is younger but the disease has been aggressive. His blood count is dangerously low, and if we do not opt for treatment soon, he will not make it.

Until now, the worst thing we knew that could happen to a farmer is dry weather

I am a farmer. I have hardly been to school. My father and brother are farmers. We make about Rs. 300/day on the field. We never knew about such diseases. The worst for us is dry weather. In fact, it was only when my older son fell sick and was diagnosed with Thalassemia did I even discover that body destroys its own blood cells. Ayaan has been getting transfusions since he was 1 year old. We never thought Arfath would be sick as well.

Arfath was 11 months old when he turned yellow. Although I knew in my heart, I was in denial. When I took him to the hospital for Ayaan’s transfusion, the doctor asked to test Arfath. The results were positive for Thalassemia. It is a disease where my child’s blood cells are destroyed faster than the body can make them. He is constantly anemic. Because of this, his spleen is enlarged causing him severe pain.

This disease is beating him down until he gives up, but I will not give up

Every month Arfath needs a blood transfusion to keep his hemoglobin levels up. We have been going to the hospital more than we go to work. As he is highly susceptible to infections, we end up admitting him to the hospital a lot, and he ends up very weak. Arfath does not go to school yet, and I am afraid, that if we do not cure him, he will not live long enough to step into a school.

Arfath is unable to eat any food because he is always in pain. While the spleen is destroying his blood cells, his liver is also getting affected. Now, he is vulnerable to jaundice and liver injury. Arfath’s belly is swollen, and the pain from that is unbearable.

Both my children are dying of pain, and we cannot afford to save them

Ayaan and Arfath are getting blood transfusions since they were almost a year old. Sometimes this causes an overload of iron in their bodies. Once there was a serious complication. We had to stop the transfusion, wait a day, treat them for the reaction and then try again with different blood. This happens more times than you can count. The only way out is a bone marrow transplant.

Arfath hates being in the hospital. He cries and screams whenever he realizes we must go in for the transplant. Seeing Ayaan go through the same traumatizes him. He begs us to take them home and stop punishing them.

Please help us save our son

I am a farmer. I make Rs. 300/day. I need to save two sons. We never knew such diseases existed. We never understood these harsh truths. Now, to save our little boys, we must pay Rs. 24 lakhs towards each of their bone marrow transplants. 

Arfath is just 2 years old. He has a long life ahead of him. I hope he gets the chance to grow up as a person who does not have to suffer all this hardship. I pray for your help, so I can save them from the life we are living.
Your contribution can save my son.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.