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4-month-old Sadia Is Running Out Of Time To Get A Liver Transplant That Will Save Her

Sadia is 4 months old. At this age, children eat, sleep, and play by themselves trying to discover the world around them. Sadia cries, vomits and hardly ever sleeps. She has decompensated liver disease and if she does not get a liver transplant soon, she will lose her life

Sadia sleeps for only 2 hours and wakes up in pain

Sadia was diagnosed with decompensated liver disease. Her condition has been deteriorating. For the past 3 months, Sadia has not been sleeping. She needs medicines to help her sleep, and even then, she can rest for a maximum of 2 hours. She is currently in a local hospital getting blood transfusions while she should be getting a liver transplant.
“I cannot afford to keep her in the hospital. Her health has been getting worse. She is so yellow. She keeps scratching herself. All night she is awake, crying loudly. Her stomach is bloated and I can only imagine the pain she is in.

They did not know she was born with a liver issue

It seemed like Sadia was healthy until Ahmad and Nuzrat took their infant to a wedding. That was the first time they gave her cow milk. Soon, Sadia turned completely yellow. Ahmad got so scared thinking she has jaundice.

“We took her to a doctor there in Jammu, and he said she might have a blocked vein. He said a small procedure can clear it. It did not and, so I went in search of answers. Tests revealed that her bilirubin levels were high. It was not just jaundice. Sadia has been diagnosed with a decompensated liver disease. Her liver is failing.

Little Sadia does not have much time left

A liver transplant can cure her condition but the family would have to take her to a hospital in Delhi. The doctor in Jammu said there was no other hope for Sadia. They gathered all their savings, borrowed from every loan shark in the village and went to Delhi. After many evaluations, Sadia’s prognosis was confirmed.

She has very little time left. A liver transplant, if done immediately, can save my daughter’s life. We cannot afford it. It is so expensive. I work at the fruit mandi for Rs. 6000. I take care of my mother, and single-handedly helped get my sisters married. I have already taken so many loans to pay Rs. 1.5 lakhs worth hospital bills. Now, I am unable to afford Rs. 16 lakhs for the transplant."

How you can help

Ahmad and Nuzrat have taken Sadia back home until they can arrange for the money. In their current condition, the family is without any help. Ahmad is going door to door asking for help and loans. Sadia is spending more sleepless nights, and now she has been hospitalized because of complications.
Your contribution can save this baby girl’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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