Help 4-month-old Sadia fight liver failure

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4-month-old Sadia has been diagnosed with a severe liver disease called Decompensated Liver Disease.
Sadia is 4 months old. At this age, children eat, sleep, and play by themselves trying to discover the world around them. Sadia cries, vomits and hardly ever sleeps. She has decompensated liver disease and if she does not get a liver transplant soon, she will lose her life
For the past 3 months, Sadia has not been sleeping. She needs medicines to help her sleep, and even then, she can rest for a maximum of 2 hours.

She needs to urgently undergo a liver transplant in order to survive. The total cost of the transplant is 16 lakh Rs.
 Soon, Sadia turned completely yellow and began having tummy troubles. Ahmad got so scared thinking he gave his baby jaundice.

Unfortunately, Sadia does not have the funds to undergo the treatment and needs our help to save his daughter.

“She has very little time. A liver transplant, if done immediately, can save my daughter’s life. We cannot afford it. It is so expensive. I work at the fruit mandi for Rs. 6000. I take care of my mother, and single-handedly helped get my sisters married. I have already taken so many loans to pay Rs. 1.5 lakhs worth hospital bills. Now, how can I afford Rs. 16 lakhs for the transplant?”

Your contribution can help save Sadia's life. 
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Estimation Letter

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Get well soon God bless you.

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Get well soon.i want to see u happy.

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Pray for the best

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