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3-Month-Old Kundan Needs An Open Heart Surgery In 24 Hours To Stay Alive

Kundan is 3-month-old and has multiple holes in his heart. He requires undergoing surgery as soon as possible. Without the timely treatment, the baby won't be able to survive. The first-time parents, Pavan and Komal cannot afford the surgery and this has put their child's life in danger. They are distressed and are looking for help from wherever they can manage. Both are farmers and have little to no resources in their name. 

A Difficult Diagnosis

Kundan has three holes in his heart. It all started right after he was born. Due to lack of medical care by doctors, Kundan was diagnosed with Pneumonia 12 days after he was born. While he was being treated for the same, the doctors also recommended an echo for the baby.

"We didn't think much about it. We just went ahead with whatever the doctor said. It was only after the results for echo came, that we realized the severity of the situation. Our little one had three holes in his heart and the doctors told us that the chances of survival look grim. That day we were completely broken. I remember, I and my wife held each other and cried, thinking that this is how we lose our first baby. It all happened the day we named him", recalled Pavan. 

But luckily, on a relatives insistence, they took the baby to Hyderabad for treatment. The wait to get into a hospital was long, but at least some hope came out of it. As of now, the baby is being treated for his condition in Apollo Hyderabad. However, the doctors say that the baby has to undergo an open heart surgery on an emergency basis given how his condition is critical.  

A Family of Humble Means

The estimated cost of entire surgery is Rs 2.7 lakhs and for Kundan's family, this is an unachievable target. Kundan's parents, Komal and Pavan are from a village in Maharashtra and are farmers by profession. Pavan works as a farmer along with his elderly parents and makes close to Rs 60,000 per year.  

"This year, the rain hasn't been good so the earning was considerably less from previous one. We are not very educated and cannot do all that fancy jobs that pay well. Farming is the only way we know how to eat and survive", said Pavan.
Komal and Pavan don't have well-wishes of their friends and relatives as well. Despite being there for everyone else, in their time of need, however, nobody seems keen on lending a helping hand.

"Everyone has left us to fend for ourselves. Those who were our dearest friend until yesterday, now straightaway ignore us. They are scared if they talk to us, we'll ask for money. Our baby is dying, and nobody is even ready to help", said Pavan. 

How Can You Help?

Kundan Kale is barely 3-month-old and already suffering a lot. His parents are unable to afford his treatment and are looking for any help for their son's surgery. The doctors say that now is the right time for operation, as Kundan's health is rather critical at the moment. He has to undergo surgery in a day's time or it will be too late to do anything. As of now, the only thing stopping his parents to ensure their child's safety is lack of money. Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards Kunda's surgery and further treatment. 

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