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Start a Cancer Fundraiser on Milaap

Raise money for loved ones and friends to help them battle cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is devastating emotionally. Treatment costs, in addition to other related expenses, can be a huge burden for both patients and their loved ones. Milaap's online fundraiser platform (Over 2 Million monthly traffic) makes it faster and easier than ever to help cancer patients.

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia - A type of Blood Cancer
Deepak Praneeja, Film Director, Mumbai
Crowdfunding Amount: Rs 23 Lakhs
He was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in 2011. And with prescribed medication was leading an active and complete life over the next 6 years. His condition started worsening from April this year. He was admitted to Max Hospital, Patparganj in Delhi in July 2017, as tests revealed the progression of his disease to the advanced Blast Crisis stage. Read More

Lymphoblastic Lymphoma - Non-Hodgkin lymphoma that affects children and teenagers. 
Roshini, 14 years old, Chennai
Crowdfunding Amount: Rs.11 Lakhs
Roshini, 14 years old young girl, affected by Cancer ( Lymphoblastic Lymphoma ) and undergoing treatment at Cancer Institute (WIA) Hospital, Adyar-Chennai. The total duration of treatment is 2 and a half years. Read More

Hodgkin's lymphoma - Cancers that start in the lymph system.
Dr.Pravallika, Doctor (MD), Vellore
Crowdfunding Amount: Rs. 27 Lakhs
Dr.Pravallika, affected by Cancer has been advised 2 cycles of Brentex followed by stem cell transplant which will cost around 15 lakhs more. The insurance will not cover her charges as the drugs are monoclonal antibodies and the stem cell transplant is not approved under her policy. Read More

Neuroblastoma - A type of cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue.
Rajvir Adhikary, 3 years old, West Bengal
Crowdfunding Amount: Rs.17 Lakhs
Rajvir has been under treatment for past 7 months. This young child is suffering from cancer. Rajvir’s only hope for recovering is a surgery. But it is a complex and expensive surgery and the family is out of funds to support his treatment. Read More

Acute Myeloid Leukemia - A cancer of the myeloid line of blood cells.
Ashwini, 13-year old, Bangalore
Crowdfunding Amount: Rs.31 Lakhs
13-year old Ashwini has been battling cancer for the last three years. She has been under chemotherapy treatment and never had the funds to get a bone marrow transplant done.
Her parents are flower sellers with a very meager income that takes care of just the household expenses. Read More

Burkitt's lymphoma - A Cancer that starts with immune cells called B-cells.
Master Vivash, 6-year old, Tamil Nadu
Crowdfunding Amount: 12 Lakhs
6 year old, Master Vivash, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raja, was studying in 2nd standard and was like any other normal child of his age until May 2016. He developed a swelling in his neck. The child was taken to various physicians and finally was diagnosed to have Burkitt Lymphoma. Read More

Mixed Müllerian tumor -  A rare form of uterine cancer that can be fatal if not treated urgently.
Shringeri B, 21-year-old, Student, Karnataka
Crowdfunding Amount: 1.36 Lakhs
A young, vibrant college student, 21-year-old Shringeri was preparing for her final semester B.Com examinations when she suddenly experienced stomach pain, excessive bleeding, and drastic weight loss. After a long hunt for diagnosis, she was diagnosed with a Mullerian tumor, a rare form of uterine cancer that can be fatal if not treated urgently. Shringeri could complete her first cycle of chemotherapy but is unable to afford rest of the treatment. Read More