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For This 16-day-old Baby Girl, Every Passing Minute is A Risk Without A Heart Surgery

Saha and Mohamed had been through a most painful journey in the past two years. They were hopeful and thrilled about the arrival of a second baby. But it was a big blow to them to learn that their baby had critical heart disease. Saha's baby girl needs an urgent heart surgery to survive.

Saha had a c-section in the eighth month because her pulse rate was very high

Saha's pregnancy was smooth until the eighth month. She and her husband went for a general check-up, and unexpectedly learnt that her pulse and heartbeat were very high. Doctors insisted that an immediate c- section be done to save her life. Saha was very critical and Mohamed was terrified and was totally unprepared for this emergency.

Baby Girl was born with a heart disease and has breathing trouble

Mohamed did not know that the worst was yet to come. Saha was taken to operation theatre and a girl baby was born to them. Doctors said that their baby had a critical heart problem and needed an urgent surgery to survive. Mohamed was completely devastated but he had absolutely no time to sink into grief. He rushed with his baby girl in an ambulance to Apollo Hospital, Chennai, from Madurai, leaving his wife alone at the hospital.

Baby girl needs an urgent surgery before her weight drops down further

"No one should experience such pain in life. I shuddered at the thought of my wife opening her eyes and not finding the baby or me next to her. I can't imagine what she went through that moment. She has not seen the baby yet. We wished for a baby girl, and now we have her in our hands. Only, she might be taken from us, any moment." - Mohamed breaks into tears.

Saha's baby girl weighed only 2.25 kg, and within a day, her weight dropped to 1.7 kg. Doctors told the parents that she needed an urgent surgery before her weight dropped any further. She also has breathing trouble. Every passing moment without a surgery is a risk to her life.

Saha's first baby was born with a deformity in his legs

Saha and Mohamed also have a baby boy who is just 1-year-old. He was born with a deformity in his right leg and had an eye operation a few months back. Saha and Mohamed have been working very hard to help him have a normal life. When they learnt that their second baby is fighting for its life as well, they just broke. No words can comfort them at the moment.

"My wife is still in bed unable to move. She is begging me to show her the baby. How can I show her our baby plugged in to so many tubes? I have told her that she needs a small surgery but I dare not tell her how serious the condition is. I can't imagine telling my wife we lost her due to a of lack of money"

Mohamed has no source of income now

Mohamed has to take his first child to the hospital almost every month. He first had dengue and then the eye surgery. Mohamed had been spending most of the time in the hospital. He has absolutely no source of income now because he can't go to work. He has borrowed heavily for his first child's treatment. He has sold off anything of value that he had, even his mother's jewellery for expenses in Chennai.

How you can help

Saha's baby's condition is becoming worse. Her only chance to get better is an emergency surgery but her father has nothing left to pay for the surgery. He needs Rs 4 lakhs for the surgery. Only your contributions can save their 16-day-old girl baby.

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specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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