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Help Parimala Who Faces A Desperate Race Against Time To Save Her 1-month-old Daughter

Parimala like any expecting mother was overjoyed to see her second child. She spent time deciding names and saving for her daughter's birth. But medical investigation 5 months into her pregnancy said her child is a heart patient. Before she could even get a glimpse of her child, she knew her child was dying. She gave birth to a girl child and now she is fighting to keep her alive.

The newborn was diagnosed with a heart disease at birth

There were no known complications until the 5th month of her pregnancy. But the scan reports confirmed that their baby girl has a heart problem. They were heartbroken. It was a very gruelling and emotional wait for Parimala and Vetrivel. The uncertainty of their child's life gave them sleepless nights. When their daughter was born they were devastated when doctors said that without a surgery the condition may claim the little one's life.

"It is the toughest phase I have lived through. I want to give the best life for my daughter. Every single day we delay the surgery we are putting her life at risk. I'm helpless and have no other choice but to put it in God's hands" - Parimala.

A daily wage worker's struggle to save his one-month-old daughter

At a time where Vetrivel and Parimala should only be worrying about their daughter's life, they are anxious about the medical expenses weighing on their shoulders. They are worried they might have to stop her crucial treatment. Hospital stays, doctor visits, makes it very hard for Vetrivel to save even a rupee for the next day. They live in Kanchipuram but have to come to Chennai every week to treat their daughter.

 Father is a daily wage worker and cannot afford the surgery

Vetrivel is a daily wage worker and he earns Rs 200 per day. Hospital visits and stays have made it impossible to work every day. They do not have any savings or any other source of income.

"She is just a month old and to see her suffer from breathlessness is very painful. I'm running out to everyone I know to help my child. I feel guilty to even eat, when my daughter is fighting for her life. I save every rupee I get, still it is not enough to save her life." - Vetrivel

She needs surgery at the earliest but we have no money

This baby girl's condition is deteriorating. She needs an urgent heart surgery to recover completely. The surgery and medicines would require Rs 5-6 lakhs. Unfortunately, the insurance doesn't cover the treatment costs. Parimala and Vetrivel are completely devastated, they hardly eat or sleep. Rithika is in her grandmother's place and she is worried about her sister and misses her parents.

How you can help

Parimala's baby is already running out of time and any further delay would risk her life. Just a month old, this baby is struggling to breathe. If we could come together to save this child, she can be saved. Funds raised through this fundraiser will fund her heart surgery. 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this campaign have been verified with the concerned hospital. For more details, please contact the campaign organiser or the hospital.

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