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5-year-old Adrito Is Bravely Battling Cancer, But His Brother's Tumour Has Left His Parents Helpless

"I don't even feel like living anymore. My first child was diagnosed with brain tumor. I thought nothing could go more wrong than finding out your child  has brain tumor. But I was mistaken. While my first son treatment was being treated for brain tumor, my second child was diagnosed with cancer. Everyday has been hell ever since. I believe in being positive, but I am losing strength to fight this battle alone".
My name is Arjana. My husband Suman and I had a small garments shop and were living a simple yet dignified life with our sons Riyansh (7) and Adrito (5). We were a happy family until the tragedy struck. My elder son, Riyansh was 5 years old, he was diagnosed with Brain Tumor.

Both my sons are walking towards death

We were only beginning to cope with the news, when life gave us another rude shock. Within first few months of Riyansh's treatment, I noticed swelling and stiffness on Adrito's stomach. For first few days, I tried to brush off the nagging concern in the back of my head that said sometime bad was going to happen again. I thought that tragedy is a one time thing, that a family could suffer only so much! I thought that bad things only happen to other people. But I should have known better. After all, we have been through it once before.

We took Adrito for primary consultation. I remember praying all the way through clinic; I remember looking at Adrito's smiling face and thinking how can anything bad happen to such a loving, innocent life. The diagnosis broke us. Adrito had Leukemia. I dreaded the hospital already, and here another series of trips to that place stared me in the face.

Some nights, he would just lie down in a corner of a room and cry

Adrito is like any other naughty, active 5-year-old. He loves talking and playing with his father. On his best days, he would go on and on about series on unrelated topic and chide his father for not keeping up. Sometimes, he would sit with his older brother and compare toys. But it has all stopped now. Cancer has made him weak.

Adrito has chronic Myeloid Leukemia in blast crisis. Because of his condition, he has been losing weight rapidly and often has fever. Some nights, he would just lie down in a corner of a room and cry because he is in so much pain. And as I enter the room - he would look at me - with tears in his eyes, expecting that her mother will do something and it will all go away. It kills me to know that I cannot!

The only cure is chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant

Adrito does not even know what is happening to him. After all, he is only a child. He definitely hates the hospital. He would rather be up to some mischief with his older brother at home. Instead, he has needle pierced in his arms and spine collecting test samples.

The doctors have scheduled him for a series of chemotherapy sessions. Once he enters remission, a bone marrow transplant will be carried out, either of his parents being the donor.

The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs 46 lakhs. We have managed to pool Rs 24 lakhs with the the help of our family and friends. We have spent a lot on our first child's treatment and now have exhausted whatever savings we had. Now it is getting very difficult to manage the household along with the medical expenses. We no longer have our house or our shop. We sold it all for our child's treatment. My husband is now  torn  between finding a job, arranging money and making frequent visits to the hospital.  A series of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgeries has left us with nothing to be able to cover even day-to-day expenses.

How you can help to save Adrito's life

Adrito is just a 5-year-old baby who should be out playing in the sun and coming home with the animated tales of it. He should be crying over his homework, and fussing over his school timings. Instead, he is making constant trip to the oncology department of a hospital to stay alive. This is not the life he deserves. Please help me save my Adrito, I cannot even bear the thought of losing him.

Please don't let a mother lose his child just because she has no money. Your contributions can save his life.

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