What I love about field visits. | Milaap

What I love about field visits.

I have been working as a fellow at Milaap for almost ten months now. This has given me a better understanding of the people and place I come from, Mizoram. What I love most about working with Milaap is the fact that I get to interact with our clients and also get to see places I've never been to. Field visits are always exciting because the people you get to meet usually have so many interesting stories to share. All our clients in Mizoram and Manipur are women so they tend to love chitty-chatting during our visits.

We usually contact our clients a day or two before to inform them about a visit. We usually meet them at their home or workplace. I have always been warmly welcomed whenever I visit clients which makes work more easy. During field visits I usually land up having a minimum of two cups of tea after refusing a few. All our clients generously offer you tea with whatever snacks they can provide. Whether thunder and lightening storm or the scorching heat, their interesting stories and welcoming hearts always makes work enjoyable. Most of the women I interact with in Mizoram are engaged in either the poultry, piggery, petty shop, second hand garment, pan, tailoring, vegetable vending or weaving business. Many of these women are the main breadwinner of their families who work very hard to survive. Despite having so much hardships, they can still carry on with life with a smile on their face.

Even though the terrain in Mizoram, which has been compared to the bitter gourd cover, makes field visits quite tiring, the scenic beauty from every hill makes it worthwhile.