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My Daughter Is Fighting To Stay Alive Even After A Life-Saving Surgery

“This is so difficult for us to see our daughter suffering so much. Her whole life she has suffered, and it feels like God doesn’t want to help us yet.”
15-year-old Vanisha fought hard all her life against a deadly genetic blood disorder. A bone marrow transplant alleviated her pain, but soon after she succumbed to yet another deadly infection that has claimed a right to her life. Vanisha needs aggressive treatment to make it out of this terrible time and emerge a healthy survivor.
Originally from Ramnagar, Gujarat, Vanisha comes from a loving family of four including her father, Rajnish, mother, Priyanka, and younger brother, Avanish. The parents celebrated with joy when their daughter was born, but soon enough they discovered she was ill. At 9 months of age, Vanisha was diagnosed of Thalassemia Major, a genetic disorder resulting from mutated genes inherited from parents causing severe anemia.

“Every week, every month, every year she would have blood transfusions. It became evident that we had to go in for a more permanent solution as this was not a kind of life we wanted to give our child.”

A bone marrow transplant was performed in December 2016. Rajnish, a hard-working engineer, had saved up all the money he could so his daughter could get healthy finally after years of struggle against a disease that made her weak. They couldn’t find a perfect donor match so this father gave his cells to save his daughter. The surgery was a success.
“Everything was going to be alright. Or so we thought. 15 days after the transplant, things just took a turn for the worse.”
Vanisha was diagnosed with Veno-occlusive Disease with CMV viral infection where the veins to the liver are blocked, and her immune-weakened body is infected with a virus that it cannot get rid of. She has decreased liver and kidney function, along with fluid retention in her stomach.
“She doesn’t talk much. Yes or no. That’s it. The pain is keeping her hostage. This kind of situation is difficult for all of us. To see her suffering continuously. We never thought… And what can any of us even do about it? Whatever it is, we will know by this week. I want my daughter to get better, to fight this, to come home.”
Priyanka spends all day by her daughter’s side praying for her health. Even Avanish visits the hospital to make sure he holds his sister’s hand and gives her strength. Rajnish said his employer has been extremely supportive through this difficult situation. The company, relatives and friends pooled in funds to help this family pay for the treatment.
“So far I have paid nearly Rs. 39 lakhs towards her treatment including the bone marrow transplant. Through the company we are trying for the PM fund, because I have finally run out of savings and all options. Now she is on dialysis almost every day. The bills have mounted to Rs. 7 lakhs and for the first time, I don’t know how I am going to pay them off.”
This family is going through enough struggle with their baby girl in pain since she was 9 months old. Vanisha needs an imported medicine called Defibrotide (a medicine for her condition), supportive care in intensive care unit (in case she requires ventilation) and continuous dialysis. The estimated cost for her treatment is Rs. 28,00,000, and this family has exhausted all resources trying to pay off the bills so far.
Help them alleviate her suffering by contributing towards Vanisha’s treatment.

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