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Every Day That 5-Year-Old Uthra Goes Without Heart Surgery, She’s Inching Closer To Fatal Heart Failure

If there’s anything that terrifies 5-year-old Uthra, it is trips to the hospitals. Unfortunately for her, frequent hospital visits, medicines and fainting spells have been a part of her life ever since she was born. Uthra was born with a serious heart disease, and her parents Murali and Latha have gone from pillar to post trying to find a solution for their daughter’s condition. When they finally did find hope, they were told that Uthra needs an urgent heart surgery to survive. She has little time left without it, and now her parents are trying all they can to find the means to get her the treatment she needs.

Uthra’s condition has only worsened over the years

She suddenly turns completely blue and falls unconscious. This happens so often now, I don’t know when I will lose her forever if this continues. We always have to keep a close eye on her. Even when she goes to school, we inform her teachers to let us know if they think that she’s looking even a little sick. Her condition can escalate any time, so we have to be careful. Her older brother, Hemanth, spends a lot of time playing with her when she’s sick. We’re always around her, but we’re still trying our best to give her a normal childhood. All our worries can end with her surgery, her life can be saved.” - Murali, Uthra's father. 

After years of trying, Murali and Latha finally found hope for Uthra

We have taken her to so many hospitals, but no one told us that surgery would save her life. So for the past 5 years, we’ve been running around without knowing what to do or how we can help our daughter. She has been on medication all these years and it hasn’t helped her much. When we finally took her to Chennai one month ago, we found hope when the doctors said she can be saved with surgery. I’m so relieved. Her condition has only worsened over the years and we thought nothing could be done.” 

Uthra goes for checkups once every two weeks and lives on medications. Not only was she born with a hole in her heart, but her heart is not in the usual position on the left side of her chest but is on the right. The two ventricles and valves are reversed, making it harder for her heart to pump blood correctly throughout the body. Uthra’s condition is so complicated and life-threatening now that only a surgery can save her life.

Murali is struggling to even afford Uthra’s medicines now, a surgery is beyond his reach 

Murali and Latha find themselves lost in this time of need. They’re constantly looking for help to get their daughter the life-saving surgery but are only met with disappointment. They have no savings left after spending nearly Rs 2 lakhs, and have no family or friends to turn to who can help them.

“We’ve tried our best to get her the treatment till now, but we have no way to afford 6 lakhs for the surgery. We’ve spent the last 5 years only worrying about her life, and we’re waiting for the day she can finally have a normal childhood. A surgery can finally free her from all this pain and suffering, but now I'm worried that I might not be able to afford even the next course of medication, let alone a surgery. I know she looks at me to make everything okay, my biggest fear is that I'll let her down.”

How You Can Help

Uthra needs a heart surgery at the earliest to survive the serious heart disease that she’s born with. Her father, Murali, earns a meagre amount as a daily wage worker and can’t afford her surgery. Uthra’s condition has drastically deteriorated over the years and this is her only chance of survival.

Your support will save Uthra’s life.

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