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Unsung Hero: Rakesh Kumar Sharma.

Meet Rakesh Kumar Sharma, a 40 year old man who is our next Unsung hero. Staying in New Delhi, Rakesh Kumar has started a makeshift school under a metro bridge. This school is for the underprivileged children who come from the neighboring slum areas. These students are children of labourers, rickshaw pullers, farm workers etc. 

Rajesh who works in the grocery store, takes a two hour break from his routine and comes to teach the children. His brother takes care of the shop under his absence.
Compelled to quit college due to financial constraints, Rajesh doesn’t want the children to go through difficult times like he did. 
He persuaded the labourers and farmers to let their children study with him for sometime. He believes in giving the right tool to such children so that they can overcome poverty. And there isn’t better tool than education to give them.

Rajesh prepares his students for getting admissions into government schools. When he started the school about a year ago, 140 students enrolled to study under him, today 70 of them are in government school, reported Yahoo News.
His work isn’t only limited to teach these students under the bridge, he teaches the underprivileged students in other parts of the city as well.
“I don’t take attendance, they love coming here because there are no school like boundaries. In fact, I want to keep it like that” Chandra told the Indian Express.
For him, the greatest challenge is changing the attitude of the parents. Thanks to him, today many parents are encouraging their children to study. Watch the video below to know more about Rajesh's initiative. 
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