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Undefeated and Undeterred Madhuben of Kutchh

Madhuben Kantibhai, group leader of the Jay Meladi Maa Mahila Mandal from Gandhidham took a loan of Rs.7000 to buy onions and potatoes at wholesale rates. She had taken loans earlier to expand her business and then stopped because she couldn't afford to.
She is a mother of four children aged 14, 11, 8 and 3. She is the sole provider of the household and manages everything alone. Her husband had moved to Rajkot and he now lives there. She explained how she didn't have any vegetables to show me because she usually buys just about enough to sell and it usually all happens within the market space between 4-8 pm in the evening. This woman probably goes through several hardships on a daily basis and deals with every obstacle with great resilience; but despite her situation, she didn't once complain to me or tell me it was difficult. She spoke of her business and how she planned to take care of her children. 
Hats off to Madhuben and her courage.