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This Couple Waited 12 Years To Have Children And Now They Might Lose Their Daughter

35-year-old Balamurugan has been married to Vijayalakshmi for 12 years. The couple were overjoyed when they found out that they were having twins after all these years. But their twin daughters were ill since the day of birth. After much struggle, one of the twins went home but the other one is struggling to stay alive. Balamurugan is a soup vendor on the streets of Porur, and Vijayalakshmi is a homemaker. They have run out of options to save their daughter.

Their relatives have refused to help them

Balamurugan and Vijayalakshmi had a love marriage. Since then, both families have cut them off and have barely interacted over the past 12 years. Since Balamurugan walks with a limp, his wife’s family members say that he is handicapped and says he should not have children.

“My wife’s family members asked her- he is handicapped. Why do you want to have children with him? ”
Despite these troubles, the joy and excitement of meeting their children overshadowed the anxieties. Everything was fine until Vijayalakshmi's water broke during her 7th month. She was admitted to the hospital where she was under round-the-clock care to watch her condition. At 29th weeks, she began to bleed.

Complications meant that the twins were delivered through C-Section. Since then, it has been a struggle for the new parents to watch their daughters suffer.

One daughter in the hospital while the other is home:

Two weeks ago, one of the twins was discharged while the other is still in the hospital. Balamurugan is uneasy over one of his daughters being alone in the hospital. He still needs to work everyday to earn money, and Vijayalakshmi is still weak after the surgery and cannot visit the hospital everyday. The parents are desperate to have both their daughters at home, safe.

“How can I name my daughters when one is with us and the other is in the hospital? No. I want to name them when they are home together, and God willing, healthy”

How can you help?

Balamurugan earns barely Rs 500 a day. He has spent his savings on medicines for the children. Having a single daughter at the hospital costs him Rs 8000 a day, and another Rs 2000 for medicines. He has borrowed more than Rs 3 lakhs from money lenders.

However, this father just wants his family back together. He cannot sleep at nights for wanting both his baby daughters by his side.

Your contribution can help in the babies to return home, safe and healthy. Help Balamurugan reunite his family.

Supporting Document
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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