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I Waited For 13 Long Years To Become A Mother, Now My Twins Are Fighting For Their Every Breath

My husband and I waited for 13 long years for a child. I had several miscarriages before I finally became a mother. Life was cruel to us. It was painful sharing the bad news with people over and over. Slowly, I learnt to not to tell anyone till I completed the first 12 weeks - the time when you really need support and care. I went through the trauma of a miscarriage mostly by myself because I didn’t know how to share my experience without shame.

Tamilarasi gave birth to twin babies after 13 long years of wait

I would avoid places where I knew I would see pregnant women or babies. I was frustrated with myself, and with my inhospitable body. Last year, when I was pregnant again, I did not tell anyone the first three months. I was so happy when I crossed 15 weeks. I finally believed in it! I was pregnant! When the doctors confirmed that my twin babies were fine, I shared my happiness with everyone I knew.

But during the 8th month of my pregnancy, I had labour pains. They say these pain cannot be compared to anything but my excruciating fear of losing my babies was the worse. My husband took me to the hospital and an immediate C- section was done. Even before I could see them, they were taken to ICU. I can't describe how I felt those four days. I was still lying in bed with severe pain.

Twin babies were born prematurely

When I saw them after I was discharged, my heart broke into a million pieces. I shivered at the sight. My two little sons were fitted with tubes all over their tiny bodies. They were fighting for every breath. There is a difference between living, existing and survival. As a mother, it is living that you wish for your child but for me, survival is all that matters. I want my little babies to survive.

The twins need to be in ICU for 4 more weeks

I still haven't held them in my hands. I'm desperate to take them back to home. I feel exhausted. Every time I close my eyes, I only see them battling for their lives. Doctor says that they need to be in ICU for more than a month.

Twin babies need intensive treatment to survive

After my pregnancy was confirmed, I began to love myself again. Now I'm back to the more familiar emotions of being angry with myself. I'm a mother of two children but I'm unable to save them. Did I wait for 13 long years just to see them and then have them taken away from me forever?

Mouleswaran and Tamilarasi

My husband is numb. He has been unable to find words to console me. He feels terrible. His right hand is paralyzed from birth. He has a job and earns around Rs 5,000 per month. We put everything we had in saving our children but that is not enough. What else can we do? They will not survive without treatment. We both cannot imagine going back empty-handed.

Parents are struggling to save their twins

How can you help

My twin babies are battling every moment. They need to survive, they deserve a life. I can work all my life and give them the best of everything. I want to give them all the love, support and happiness, but they need to survive. Treatment cost Rs 6 lakhs, I have nothing left with me. Please help me save my sons.

Your contribution can give the twin babies a chance to live!

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