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Teenager Who Wants To Fight Cancer And Support Her Widowed Mother Needs Your Help

I feel like I’m losing my family one by one. We lost their father in 2008 in a brutal car accident. It was the most sudden and life-shattering experience. I had to take care of my two girls on my own. Over time, we started picking up the pieces again. We miss him terribly, but we were getting by. Unfortunately in March this year, our world shattered again. Trupti was diagnosed with cancer. I couldn’t save my husband, but now I will do everything to save my daughter’s life.” – Rekha, mother

This single mother has not been able to go for work ever since the grave diagnosis

14-year-old Trupti was recently diagnosed with blood cancer. She regularly visits the hospital for her chemotherapy sessions. Rekha, Trupti (14) and her sister Sneha (12) come from a small village called Vajreshvari where Rekha worked at a parking company. Being a single mother, she had to take care of her two daughters with her meagre salary. She could barely make ends meet to pay for their schooling. After Trupti was diagnosed with cancer, she has not been able to work and has relied heavily on borrowing from their family. But that avenue is now closed too.

Trupti wants to work hard and take care of her mother

“I wish to pursue professional photography. I cannot wait to get a job soon and help mother out. Once that goes well I want to train to become an actor! I am so excited to watch Student Of The Year 2, because my favourite actor Tiger Shroff is the lead role there. There is so much I have to do once I am out of the hospital, like continue playing sports in school and be on the badminton and dodgeball team, paint and perform in dramas! I just cannot wait!” - Trupti, being as cheerful as ever.

Trupti hasn't given up, but her future is uncertain without chemotherapy

Cancer has changed Trupti. She is always in pain and she’s lost all her hair. But cancer hasn’t broken Trupti’s spirit.

“She has become so fragile. It is difficult for her to sit or get up by herself because her joints and bones are causing excessive pain. She bleeds and bruises easily. Having her head full of hair vanish has really taken a toll on her but she has not lost her bravery and ambition. For her, there's no possibility for this to be the end, she just has so much left to do. I think she takes care of me more than I take care of her.” - Rekha

Rekha has tried to do the best for her children. It breaks her heart to watch Trupti suffer so much, and she worries that she won’t be able to continue her chemotherapy without help. Rekha has managed to start her treatment, but she needs your help to ensure that Trupti makes it out alive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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