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1 Bad Fall Cost This Woman Over 7 Months On A Hospital Bed, 70 Lakhs Medical Bills and Counting


Trupti Thakur was scheduled for a restorative surgery of the intestine following a series of unfortunate events beginning with a fall that led to a miscarriage, damage of internal organs, gangrene of the intestine, and a long terrible ordeal that took her through several hospitals across the country. 

Her husband Dheeraj has done everything he could to save his wife’s life, and trusted her to the care of the medical team at Apollo Chennai. They did their best, and while Trupti is responding to the treatment, it is taking longer than they expected for a full recovery.

We spoke to Dheeraj on 21st April 2017. Here’s what he had to say.

“I had even booked our tickets for 12th April to go back home. Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned. We have to put it off for 8 weeks. Trupti is very disappointed.”

Trupti was diagnosed with Enterocolonic fistula because she had not healed well and had several perforations in the bowel. When they opened her up on 23/3/17 for restoration, the doctors fully understood the extent of her condition. There was a situation where they could not operate in certain areas because it would end up creating more damage. So, they did as much as possible. 

She developed an infection in the area, had a high-grade fever and chills post surgery. They wheeled her in again for re-exploration on 30/03/17 as she complained of pain suggesting she might have bowel gangrene. The doctors have treated her for the infection and have given me the confidence that she needs about 6-8 weeks to heal. She is being monitored and is in the ICU under TPN and antibiotics.
“I got my hopes up high. I was very happy to finally go home after all this time being in the hospital, and that cannot happen for a while. My daughter has been with me all week. We celebrated her birthday in the hospital. She makes me look at the good things in life when it is blue all around. Dheeraj, our parents, have gotten me through everything. We cannot believe that so much has happened, and we have survived it, especially the support received from everyone around.” - Trupti Thakur

Dheeraj has worked hard every day to make sure there was a steady source of income to support the expenses not just for Trupti’s care but also the house and his daughter’s education. Apart from the 40 lakhs spent before moving Trupti to Chennai, he paid Rs. 12 Lakhs for 22 days of ICU care, over Rs 13 Lakhs for 3 months that Trupti was on TPN including the supportive care, medicines, and associated expenses. The surgery costs exceeded the estimated Rs. 7 lakhs and post-operative expenses continue to overshoot. The estimated cost for recovery is Rs. 10,00,000 for the next 6-8 weeks.
Dheeraj is requesting for your support to help Trupti recover completely and bring her back home to Pune. He is grateful to all the donors who have helped so far in saving his wife’s life.

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"For the first time, I feel helpless. Now I know what it feels like to be poor. It's like whatever efforts I have put in to save her are not enough."
30-year-old Trupti was expecting her second child. A freak accident changed her family's life in a second. She's been fighting a long battle to stay alive, and now she needs an intestinal reconstruction surgery to make it through this final obstacle.
This story is from the perspective of Trupti's husband Dheeraj Thakur.

Trupti, Anusha (my 4-year-old daughter) and I were in Shirpur for the yearly Ashtami puja. We had never been happier. We were excited about our family being complete when our next child arrived. One night, she was in the bathroom. She slipped and fell. One of the utensils hurt her badly. Though she was in pain and started to bleed, she just took first aid and went to sleep. The next morning, she was crying in pain. It was unbearable. So, we rushed to the hospital in the village.

Doctor suggested a sonogram and our number came up at 3PM. He said it looks serious and we need to go to the district hospital right away. By the time we got her admitted it was 11PM, 24 hours after injury. They said it looked like there was gangrene in her stomach because the baby was pushed in and they had to operate right away.

I was standing right there when they extracted our baby. We lost our child. Her large intestine had to be removed. I told them to do what it takes to save her. All that mattered now was that she made it through. 

We got her shifted to KEM in Pune within a few weeks. There they kept operating on her but wouldn't tell us what was happening. Her weight shifted from 46 kilos to 36 kilos. She was getting worse. I lost all hope. Our daughter kept asking "When will Mumma come home?" I had no answer. That's when I decided to move her to Apollo, Chennai.

We have rented a house near the hospital. There's a team at home to care for her. My father, her parents, and a nursing staff is there round the clock to take care of her. She will have a final surgery. This will save her life. I believe it will. They said it will.
Trupti has not eaten in weeks. She can't even have water properly. She's been hooked to machines all this while. She's been so weak physically. Mentally? She is strong better than me at least. She feels good that there are people around her.

She doesn't know that her large intestine has been removed. Doctors said it could send her into shock.

So far I have spent over Rs. 40 lakhs and more to keep her alive. I sold my house, my bike, my car, our jewellery, emptied savings, liquidated all assets and whatever investment we had to fund her treatment. I can't quit my job. It is the only thing that is giving us income for the expenses. Even for someone like us who never gave a thought before spending, a time like this is a testament. I feel so helpless. I want to save her, with all my might and I have spent every last rupee I have including insurance, and selling everything I own. You are my last hope.

This final surgery costs around Rs. 7,00,000. It could be the difference between the next chapter of our life together and nothing after. Please save Trupti. Please save my daughter's mother. Please save my loving wife!

Your contribution is the only hope for Trupti to make it through this nightmare.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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