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Transparent, simple and very empowering!

A couple of weeks back, we put out a call on FB, asking for people who've made loans on Milaap tp get the word out, and blog about their experience.


Shilpa was the first to respond. She wrote a lovely post on her blog (where she's chronicling the 1000 days before she hits 30!), talking about why she chose to lend to Mariyayee Balan and her joy on receiving an email about the first repayment.

After going through all the profiles of borrowers, I finally decided to lend to a lady, Mariyayee, for the construction of a toilet for her family. She has two daughters and I thought a toilet would be a very basic requirement for a family with three ladies! So she was my chosen borrower.

Read her post here.

On the idea of Milaap, she says, "Let me just say, I LOVED IT!!!"

Well, we LOVED your post too, Shilpa!