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There's Something Incredible About These Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Making A Difference!

Social entrepreneurs come in many guises – young, old, men, women – but they all have a common bond. It is the passion that drives each one of them to making inroads of change in an arid desert of need. Today, Milaap decided to share with you the story of 4 women entrepreneurs who have created huge social impact! Women Entrepreneurs in India Priya Naik, Samhita Social Ventures:A triple-masters holder, Priya Naik, establish Samhita – a means to connecting people who are trying to make a difference to people who have the resources needed to bridge the gap.Saloni Malhotra, DesiCrew:The story of one woman who wanted to change rural lives and employability… so she did!Ela Bhatt, SEWA:How do you ensure that self-employed, poor women workers get their rights? You go the SEWA way!Kalpna Saroj, Kamani TubesHow do you create something, when you don’t have much? Here’s how.If you want to empower a woman entrepreneur create a similar story of change, we have a solution!