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The Transition

Transition is not only about learning from the previous fellow what to do, how to do, what has been do and such work related things. It’s also about adjusting to a new place, getting to know the culture of the city, leaning small tricks or hacks that works in the city and workplace, knowing what you can and cannot do while travelling, working, staying or meeting people, and adapting yourself to all those things. I was fortunate enough to have been transitioned in the best way possible; getting help in everything written above. But suddenly everything changed. I was alone now. The sudden sense of responsibility that I have to make all the decisions myself now was choking. I was still getting adjusted to the city and the need to find a place to stay was already making me tensed. The ‘letting go’, ‘losing something’ feeling was making me question my ability of managing everything.Leaving house, leaving co-fellows and leaving previous fellow in a matter of few days was emotionally challenging. Walking in rain and dirty water for hours in a new place was easier comparatively. I never realized I could get bonded with people so fast.[caption id="attachment_7408" align="aligncenter" width="433"]Walking in rain. Source: Fine Art America Walking in rain. [/caption]  The sudden rush of questions like would I be able to fulfil the purpose I am here for, was it a good decision to come, would it be worth the time and efforts in the end, added with worrying factors of money and health becomes a difficult thing to deal with.The feelings were settling after few days. From eating Maharashtrian food in Mumbai, where they mix anything with anything to eating coconut in almost everything at home to having omelette turned into curry and potato added in everything in Kolkata, I knew I was being transitioned. There are still a lot more things to do, lot more places to see and lot more experiences to be gained. And I am ready for it.*Photo Source: Fine Art America