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Our Son, Tabresh, Has Only A Week To Get A Liver Transplant That Can Save His Life

Our son, Tabresh, is 28 years old. He should be at a good job, married, and creating a future for himself with a family. Instead, my son is racing against the clock to stay alive. He has been fighting a liver dysfunction. Now, his liver has failed, and he is bleeding continuously into his stomach. We have less than a week to save him with a liver transplant.

We did not know that he was slowly dying

Tabresh was healthy all his life. We had no reason to think he had any health problems, until he got jaundice in 2016. It was extremely painful. His legs were swollen, and he was yellow. He could not eat, and we had to take him to the hospital. Tests showed that Tabresh has been suffering from Budd Chiari Syndrome. The veins that go to his liver are blocked. He did not know, nor did we, that his liver was slowly dying.

We are from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. My husband, Illyas, is a daily wage laborer. We could barely meet ends until Tabresh started working. Within a few months, he fell sick. We did everything we could, borrowed and liquidated assets to pay for a surgery that would fix him. The stent surgery seemed to make him better. He was slowly recovering. I never expected to be back here to see my son get a death sentence so soon.

The symptoms just got worse, and we just ran to every hospital for help

Tabresh began having severe stomach pain. He got jaundice again. His legs and arms were swollen. He could barely eat. We knew we had to go somewhere else to get an answer. We left our small town in UP and came to Mumbai. By the time we reached here, Tabresh went into a critical condition.

The doctors had to rush him into emergency surgery to unblock his stent. That surgery was not a success. Tabresh began bleeding into his stomach, so much that they had to stop. I was so frustrated. I wanted my son out of the pain, but the doctor said that he would have died on the table if they continued. He is still bleeding. They are unable to control it.

He cannot live without a liver

The worst part is that his liver has completely failed. He is not conscious. He is clinging on to life. I wanted to donate my liver for the transplant, but the tests showed that I am not a match and that my husband wont make it if he tries to donate.
The doctors are testing Tabresh’s brother to see if he is a match. If he is, they need to do the transplant immediately because every minute that goes by is a minute closer to losing him. We have spent even the money we saved for our daughter’s wedding on Tabresh’s treatment so far. Now we have nothing left to save him and this surgery along with post-treatment will cost nearly Rs. 40 Lakhs.

How you can help

He is the light of our family. We all lean on him for support. I cannot take it that he is lying on this bed, not responding, and might just lose this long fight. I do not want to see my son die because we cannot afford a surgery. You are our only hope.

Please contribute and help us save Tabresh. We have very little time.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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