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My 2-Month-Old Son Is Battling For His Life Because Of Blood Clots In The Brain

My 2-months-old son Surya Teja is the angel of our family. With his arrival, our family was complete. My first son Dharma is a healthy, cheerful boy. When doctors said Surya is completely healthy, my husband and I were happy. What else can a parent ask for? But soon we realized that we were not lucky enough. Our child would soon be fighting for his life.

It all started with a fever. We took him to the hospital and the fever subsided. We thought it is quite normal. But then, he refused to have milk and became too weak. I was terrified when he got seizures. I rushed him to the hospital all alone. They asked me to take to a bigger hospital. By then I realized something was very wrong. Yet, I was desperately hoping that doctors would say he is normal.

In the blink of an eye, my life turned upside down. My son was taken to ICU, what doctors told me was worse than all my nightmares. I was devastated to know that he had blood clots in his brain. He also had severe pneumonia. I collapsed on the floor when I saw my little one struggling to breathe. The thought of losing him was too much to bear.

My son is on ventilator support and he is given a high dosage of medicines and injections every now and then. How much his little body can bear? Why does this baby have to go through so much pain?

They say that my baby has got this condition because Vitamin K has not passed enough to him from me. He was born with very low stores of Vitamin K. I was devastated to hear this. Despite our poverty, I took all the care needed for his health. I followed all the instructions that doctors gave. My husband brought dry fruits which I never ate before. We can't afford such luxuries, but I did everything I could to stay healthy and peaceful. All my efforts and hopes have gone in vain. My son is now fighting for his life.

My elder son does not understand the intensity of his little brother's condition. He misses him terribly, and keeps asking for him. I tell him every day that we will be back home soon. In reality, I'm losing the hope day by day. Doctors say that he needs a prolonged stay in the hospital and I have already unpaid bills. My son's life is at risk, My husband has not left any stone unturned in arranging for money. He leaves early in the morning and meets everyone he knows and begs for money. He sometimes comes back empty handed and breaks down in tears.

He is a farmer who has seasonal work. Who will give us so much money? How will they know that our child is so precious to us? We are neck deep in debts. I feel I have already failed terribly in bringing a healthy child to this world, I can't fail again. This is the last chance and I can't let it go. Doctors say that he has a good chance of recovery if he gets treatment.

How you can help

We need Rs 10 lakh to continue the treatment without which he cannot survive. Please help me to save my son. I can't imagine going back home without him. Our life will never be the same without him. Your support can save his life.

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