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This Farmer Put Everything He Had Into His 10-Year-Old's Cancer Treatment, But It's Not Enough To Save Him

“Our government card does not work in Bangalore, so we mortgaged our house and went begging for our child's life to everyone we knew. Seven months, we struggled – skipping meals, barely managing. But just 20 days after the chemotherapy was over, cancer came back.” – Srinivasulu, Yoganand's father

Yoganand was in class 4 when he had to stop school and come to Bangalore for cancer treatment. He doesn't know he has cancer and just thinking about injections makes him cry. He wants to go back home and play with his little sister. But he needs treatment for his aggressive, high-risk blood cancer. His father is a daily-wage farmer and no matter what he does, he cannot afford it.

Despite treatment, Yoganand's cancer relapsed in less than a month

Everyone calls Yoganand Nani at home. He is a quiet thoughtful boy, who adores his little sister. He was always prone to fevers and cough. But last November, suspecting something worse, the doctor asked for a blood test. Once the results came, Yoganand's parents were advised to immediately go to a 'big' hospital in Bangalore.

“We were worried, but we never thought it would be something so big. The doctor near our village suggested KIDWAI. That's where we finally learnt that he had cancer. From then, there has been a weight on our minds. We finished his treatment there, but his cancer was back. They even asked us to seek better treatment because his cancer was severe.” – Maheshwari, Yoganand's mother

Chemotherapy is no longer enough for Yoganand

Doctors have told the family that chemotherapy is no longer enough. The production of cancerous cells in his body is not stopping despite treatment. Yoganand needs a bone-marrow transplant along with chemotherapy so his body can completely restart the production of normal blood cells. It is this child's only hope of getting better.

Yoganand still feels very scared of needles and thinking about treatment upsets him

His parents simply don't have the courage to tell him what he has

Yoganand has been living in Bangalore since last November when his cancer was first diagnosed. His parents are despondent because every round of chemotherapy is getting impossible for them. While they have told Yoganand that there is a problem in his blood, the truth is they are scared of what will happen if he doesn't get treated.

“If I find work every day in a month – even then, I only earn Rs 3,000. We saved, we sold off our small farm, even mortgaged our house. We have borrowed Rs 3 lakhs from people – begging to save our child. It will all be for nothing if we stop treatment now. There is no way someone like us can arrange Rs 55 lakh needed for a bone-marrow transplant." – Srinivasulu

How you can help

Yoganand's parents Srinivasulu and Maheshwari are struggling to even meet their basic needs. They have left their daughter with a relative while they care for Yoganand in Bangalore. Arranging for this expensive procedure to save their child is simply impossible for them.

Your contribution will bring them one step closer to saving Yoganand.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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