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1-Year-Old Baby Will Lose His Life To A Heart Disease Without An Urgent Surgery

"When I take my little son in my arms, it is terrifying to hear his heart beat which is louder than normal. I live in constant fear of losing him. He cries out day and night with stomach pain. At times, he just doesn't stop and cries until he exhausts all his energy, he is so consumed by weakness that he always whimpers in pain. My baby is too small to bear such pain, it is unbearable to watch him go through so much at this tender age." - Sushma, baby Yashank's mother.

Just when the family thought Yashank is out of danger, his condition became more critical

Shiv kumar and Sushma were overjoyed when for the first time their little son giggled and filled the house with happiness after he underwent a major heart surgery when he was 6-month-old. Just when the family thought that he is out of danger, the cruel fate hit them with a hard blow. A month and a half ago, Yashank fell severely ill, the parents were warned that if he fell sick again, he might be in grave danger than before.

"He got high fever and cold. I was praying that this illness should go away but it refused to go and threatened us. My husband and I knew that our worst nightmare has come true. When the doctor explained us how critical his condition was, I couldn't bear that he is in the face of death again." - Sushma.

The fatal disease will kill Sushma's baby without an urgent treatment

1-year- old Yashank is suffering from congenital heart disease. He urgently needs a heart surgery, without which he will not survive. The delay in his treatment will only bring him close to death. After the surgery, he needs to stay under observation in ICU.

"My son doesn't eat properly and whatever little he has, he immediately throws up. He drastically lost his body weight. He often gets high fever and cold which makes his condition more vulnerable. As the days pass by, I could see his health deteriorating. My elder son asks me daily when can he play with his little brother and why do we take him to the hospital so often, I am lost with words. How can I tell him that his baby brother is fighting for his life every second? said Sushma with teary eyes.

Poor parents are desperate to save their little son at any cost

Shiv Kumar is the sole breadwinner of the family. He works in a private company and with his meager income he is struggling to run the family. He has spent all his savings on his son's first surgery and is unable to afford the treatment that can save his child from a cruel fate. He doesn't know whom to turn for help.

"We have borrowed lump sum of  money from our friends and relatives for his previous treatment. We have spent 4.5 lakhs until now and now we need 3 lakhs for his surgery. We have done everything that we could and now we are lost in every way. We feel distressed and helpless. I have no strength to even look at him. Fear of losing him is breaking me into pieces." - Sushma.

How You Can Help

1-year- old Yashank is suffering from a severe heart disease and only a heart surgery can save his life.  This little boy has been struggling all his life and he is in excruciating pain. His father has spent everything he had for Yashank's first surgery and now he is left with nothing to save his life. Your support can help little Yashank get his surgery and live a normal life.

Your kind contribution can help Yashank survive.

Supporting Documents'

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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