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2-Year-Old Baby Girl's First Train Journey Ended With Her Battling Cancer In The Hospital

Baby Tania loved the outdoors and would always tell her parents that she wanted to travel in a 'Choo Choo Train', like the one she had seen in her favourite nursery rhyme. 3 months ago, she got the opportunity to travel via train for the very first time. But destiny had planned it differently for her. The train journey was not to visit her relatives or go on a family trip like her father, Latur had planned. Her whole body burning with fever, the little girl had to be rushed from Karimganj to Guwahati, Assam (300 km away), where she would subsequently be diagnosed with blood cancer. Baby Tania's happiness and excitement were shattered by painful injections and chemotherapy. Now all she wants is to go home as soon as possible.

“While our daughter was so excited to ride a train, our hearts kept beating rapidly. We were afraid for the worst. Only Allah knows how much of a trouble it was to book a ticket. We had to book the tickets by paying double the price. All we wanted was to save her life. We didn’t have time to waste,” - Rajia, 2-year-old Tania’s mother.

Baby Tania's disease could not be diagnosed for long

3 months ago, baby Tania developed recurring fevers. Rajia assumed that her daughter’s fevers were probably due to the changing weather. Tania’s fever would last throughout the night and would go away in the morning. Her parents took her to almost all the doctors in Karimganj to find a reason behind the recurring fevers. One fine day, baby Tania couldn’t stand up anymore. She was shaking and had become so pale. This is when her parents rushed her to Guwahati, where the doctors carried out a number of tests and found that she has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a fatal form of blood cancer.

An old photo of Tania

Little Tania is so prone to infections that she has to stay in the ICU and undergo chemotherapy

Little Tania is no longer the happy baby that she used to be. Cancer has taken complete control over her. Due to her cancer, she has to undergo chemotherapy. Along with that, she is so prone to infections that she has to stay in the ICU.  They have to stay for another 2-3 months in the hospital for Tania’s chemotherapy. This is the only way that can keep her alive.

“My baby used to be the life of the house. Our entire family is shocked. She is so prone to infections that our family and friends can’t even visit her. My poor baby can’t eat much. All she does is sleep constantly. She is so tired all the time. Her face is so pale. It makes us feel so helpless that as parents we are unable to save our baby girl.”

 Tania with her family: an old photo

With no fixed income and a lot of debt, Tania's father can no longer afford to save her

Rajia stays with baby Tania in the ICU. Tania’s father, Latur has been staying in the hospital for the past one month. He has to pay Rs 250 daily to get a bed to sleep for the night. He has a small business of betel nuts in Assam. He doesn’t have a regular income because it depends upon the number of raw betel nuts he can trade. He has taken a number of loans from his friends, family, and acquaintances. He is already in a debt of almost Rs 3 lakhs and needs another Rs 5.2 lakhs to save his daughter.

How you can help

2-year-old Tania is suffering from blood cancer and is in the ICU for a month. Her father is a small businessman in Assam with no fixed income. He is already in neck-deep debt and still can’t afford his daughter’s chemotherapy.

Your support will help baby Tania stay alive.

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