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This Husband Is On A Desperate Struggle To Save The Love of His Life

Everything that Jayanandan ever dreamt of was coming true - he married the love his life Swapna, and a year after their wedding they were all ready to welcome their first child into the world. The moment he held his baby girl in his arms, his joy knew no bounds, but in the next few minutes, their baby started struggling to breathe. At the same time, Swapna became breathless and fell unconscious. Swapna and the baby were rushed to the ICU at the same time. All Jayanandan could do was watch his wife through the glass door, as she was given oxygen support. Jayanandan was shattered - at a moment when he was supposed to celebrate the birth of their baby, he risked losing both of them. Now, while his baby girl is getting better, his wife continues to fight for her life because of her damaged kidneys and liver. 

Swapna lost her mother at a young age, she found happiness again when she met Jayanandan

Swapna(19) lost her mother to a dreadful disease when she was just a little kid, and she doesn’t remember anything about her father. Her aunt and uncle looked after her as their own child and tried to do their best for her. She fell in love Jayanandan and they decided to get married and start their lives together. A year later, the news of her pregnancy only brought them more joy.

 I took care of her throughout her pregnancy and made sure that she had regular health check-ups every month. Even if she gets a small fever I used to take her to the hospital. Every time Swapna had food cravings, I used to go out and get them instantly. Everything seemed fine and normal for the first six months."- Jayanandan, husband

While their baby's condition is improving, Swapna’s liver and kidneys are damaged

During the seventh month of her pregnancy, Swapna had a very high blood pressure due to which the life of the mother and the baby were at risk. And so she had to deliver the baby before the due date. The baby was kept in ICU for two days. Now the baby is fine and healthy. Unfortunately, Swapna is diagnosed with hellp syndrome, a severe complication that occurs in pregnant women after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It damages the organs like kidneys and liver. She was immediately kept on ventilator support along with dialysis. Swapna’s kidneys and liver are now damaged. She needs to undergo dialysis once every two days for 3 months to recover from this fatal condition.

“In just a day, both my baby and my wife were fighting for their life in the ICU. Now our baby is doing better but Swapna’s life is at risk. Every day she asks me to take her home. She wants to take care of our baby but because of her health condition, she cannot be with her for long. Swapna is everything to me and I cannot imagine losing her.” - Jayanandan, husband

The little income that Jayanandan earns is not enough to meet the treatment expenses

As a farmer, Jayanandan earns Rs 5000 per month which is barely enough to meet the household expenses. To save his wife from the dreadful condition, he borrowed 3 lakhs just to provide her with the treatment. But now, even the money that he borrowed is not enough to continue the treatment.

“I'm doing everything in my power to continue her treatment. I know that she will recover soon with timely treatment, but I don’t have the money to afford it. I've taken help from everyone that I know of and I’m eternally grateful to them. But I am too poor to continue my wife’s treatment and all I can do is plead for help.” - Jayanandan, husband

How you can help

Jayanandan fears that he might lose his wife even before she can experience the joy of motherhood. Swapna's kidneys and liver are damaged, and she needs to stay in the hospital longer to recover. Despite borrowing money, Jayanandan can't continue his wife's treatment. Jayanandan has now no money left and needs your help to save his wife from this dreadful condition.

Your contribution can help Jayanandan save his wife

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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