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This 11-year-old Has Been Fighting Cancer For Four Years And Now His Parents Have Nothing Left To Save Him

“Even to spend Rs 10 to buy him medicines or some juice is impossible for us. Every minute, I have just one thought and it scares me  'will my son be alive?'” – Suresh's mother Lakshmi.
Suresh was just 6 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. He is 11 years old now. All these years, his parents kept him alive, saving every rupee they made. His sister quit studies and joined work, but cancer never left him. This time his parents are scared. They don't have anything left to continue his treatment.

11-year-old Suresh's cancer has relapsed and he needs a bone-marrow transplant this time

As a parent, Lakshmi was forced to make a terrible choice to save her youngest child's life. Her older daughter Suma had to drop out and start working with her mother to earn money. Together Suma and Lakshmi managed to get Suresh complete his cancer treatment. Unfortunately, Suresh's blood cancer is back. Lakshmi is deep in debts and is struggling to even buy medicines for her 11-year-old.

Suresh's childhood is marred by pain and sickness

Cancer struck Suresh when he was just 6-years-old and had started class 1. He developed a high fever. To his parents' horror – it turned out to be blood cancer. With a lot of difficulties, Lakshmi and her husband Sulappa borrowed from everyone to manage treatment for two years. Their daughter even quit studies to work.

“We somehow managed to buy the injections he needed. He was too small and was often too tired to talk. His childhood is filled with days and months where he has only slept, trying to heal from the fever. Two months back, he fell sick again. This time, he needs a bone-marrow transplant. We haven't paid back our loans from last time. What will we do now?” – Lakshmi.

Sulappa, Suresh's father has stopped going to work to take Suresh to the hospital

Even buying medicines for Suresh is becoming impossible

Every day I call every one I know – begging them for money. What little I and my daughter earn is used up in keeping a roof over our heads. My husband doesn't work because he takes Suresh to the hospital. I don't know what to do any more. We need Rs 40 lakhs for a bone-marrow transplant. When I can't arrange a few thousands – how will I manage to get so much money.” - Lakshmi

Suresh's recurrent fevers, along with harsh chemotherapy leaves him in unbearable pain. His parents don't have the heart to tell him he has cancer. He is too tired to ask any more. They can only watch him suffer helplessly.

This is the last chance for 11-year-old Suresh

Suresh has a common blood cancer that has a good chance of being cured. His parents barely managed treatment the first time. They have nothing else to arrange for a bone-marrow transplant that can save Suresh and are even falling behind in the second round of chemotherapy. They feel all their doors close in this desperate time of need.

How you can help

The days when Suresh was not fighting a terminal illness feel like a dream to these parents. They have suffered along with their son in the last four years that he has been fighting cancer. They have lived in fear for his life all this time. Now they are afraid that their poverty will take away their child's fighting chance unless he gets a bone-marrow transplant.

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