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14-Year-Old With Brain Tumor Will Go Completely Blind Without An Urgent Surgery

"Sujith was all set to give his board exams but now his life is at risk. His headaches are so severe that he holds his head and screams in pain all the time. He's losing his vision because of a tumor in his brain. He will go blind forever if he doesn't get the  surgery within 7 days." - Sandhya, mother
Sujith doesn't have much time left and it's impossible for his father Sailu to arrange Rs 5 lakhs in 7 days when all he earns is 200 per day. 

Sujith was eagerly preparing for his 10th board exams when he started losing his vision

10 days back, 14-year-old Sujith came home saying that he wasn’t able to see anything written in the blackboard in the class despite wearing glasses. Thinking that Sujith’s eye power might have increased, father Sailu took him to the local doctor. After a couple of tests, Sailu was told the most devastating news - Sujith is having a brain tumor. The tumor is causing swelling near his optic nerve because of which Sujith is losing his vision.

He has lost 50% of vision yet that didn’t keep him away from his studies

Despite losing 50% of his vision, the only thing Sujith worries about most of the time is about his board exams. Even now he tries to read his books but he's unable to. He asks Sandhya to read aloud his lessons every day. He knows that he's losing his vision because of a tumor, yet he's hopeful that after the surgery he can write his exams.

Sailu is a fish seller and whatever little income he earns isn’t just enough for his surgery. He has been seeking help from everyone. He could get Rs 40000 with the help of others which was entirely spent on his medicines and scans so far.

Your help can stop Sujith from going blind

He’s my only son and I cannot let him live a life of darkness when he has a bright future ahead. He’s already going through a lot of pain because of the tumor and I don’t want him to struggle throughout his life. Please help me.” - Sailu, father
Sujith was eagerly looking forward to give his 10th board exams. He has spent his days and nights preparing for his exams. He is still positive that after the surgery he can give his exams unaware that his father is struggling each day to arrange money for his surgery. Sailu can provide the surgery to Sujith and save him from going blind only with your help.

Sujith needs your help to fight this tumor

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