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2-Month-Old Baby Girl Fighting Deadly Bacterial Infection Will Not Live Without Urgent Treatment

When Mrignanyni was pregnant for the second time, she hoped to have a baby girl. She wanted her daughter to grow up to be strong and independent - something that she couldn't be. But her happy tears soon gave way to tears of sadness. In just 10 days, 3-month-old Shivanaya's body was filled with painful boils that made her squirm in pain. This sweet little baby is fighting a bacterial infection of the bone that will turn deadly without help.  

In just 10 days, little Shivanaya was in so much pain that her parents were shattered

Baby Shivanaya was born healthy. She was discharged from the hospital within a day. Before her parents could get over receiving the congratulatory calls, the little girl was already in the hospital struggling for her life. 

“When my baby just 10 days, I suddenly started noticing large boils on her left leg. While we started treating her in Dhanbad, the boils spread in other parts of the body. The boils that had formed near her shoulder looked so scary. I can hardly imagine how my daughter’s little body was tolerating the pain. She cried day and night. She couldn’t sleep at all. Even when I would take her in my lap, a slight touch in the areas with boils would make her scream. It is such a painful sight that I feel that I will lose her.”

After undergoing a major surgery, this baby girl has to stay in the PICU for 2-3 weeks to recover completely

Little- Shivanaya has MRSA osteomyelitis, a condition in which the bone is infected severely. The bacteria that cause these infections are so resistant that they can become fatal in no time. Until a few days back, her wounds would produce about 150-200 gms of pus every day. The baby girl has already undergone a major surgery just 10 days back. She has to stay in PICU care for another 2-3 weeks to get rid of this fatal bacteria.

“We have taken our baby to several hospitals in Dhanbad. We have also traveled to Delhi and now we are in Chennai only to try and save our baby. My husband Pankaj and I are staying in Chennai for the past 18 days. We haven't been able to take bath or eat or sleep properly. While I have to stay with Shivanaya in the ICU, my husband and my 2-year-old son, Satyam have to put up in the hospital waiting rooms. I am scared that even my son will catch an infection from the hospital, but we cannot leave him with anyone else.”

The parents don’t even have the money to feed their children, let alone afford the treatment

After spending for months for Shivanaya’s treatment, Pankaj is running out of money to even buy food for his family. While Mrignayni stays with their baby daughter, Pankaj has to take care of Satyam. Pankaj doesn’t even find a way to console his son when he has to let him go to bed hungry.

“My husband delivers medicines in Dhanbad. Although we never had a lot of money, I never thought that I have to let my children go to bed hungry or see them dying. We were content with whatever little we had. For the first time, I am wishing that I had more money that could save my child. The anxiety has taken a huge toll on both my husband and me.”

Despite borrowing and spending all that he had, Pankaj can't afford to save his baby

Pankaj manages to earn Rs 6000 a month. He has already spent almost a lakh for his daughter’s treatment and now he is struggling to arrange another Rs 2 lakhs to save his baby now. He has already borrowed from his employer and relatives and has also spent everything he had saved for years. He no longer has anyone to turn back to for help. If he doesn’t get help, his little baby will not survive.

How you can help

Almost 3-month-old Shivanaya has a severe bone infection which can become fatal anytime. The little baby is too much in pain. She has already undergone a major surgery and needs PICU care. Her parents are no longer in a position to even borrow from anybody. With your help, they will be able to take their baby girl home.

Your support will help little Shivanaya stay alive.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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