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This Teenager Fears He'll Never Walk Again Because Of Cancer, Can Live A Healthy Life With Your Help

14-year-old Sayfer used to play centre forward for his school team and aspired to play for his district, Barpeta in Assam one day. But, in September last year, he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. The doctors in Assam had said that their only option was to amputate Sayfer’s left leg. His family was not convinced and decided to take a second opinion. They gathered all their funds and took Sayfer to Vydehi, Bangalore in hope of a better treatment.

An old picture of Sayfer

They said it is cancer but told us that there is hope for our boy - he wouldn’t have to lose his leg

“The doctors told us that Sayfer would not lose his leg but they have to operate on the cancerous tumor. With my elder son helping us and my husband, borrowing money at steep rates from moneylenders, we somehow arranged for the surgery,” - Imona Khatoon, mother.

But even after the surgery, Sayfer is not fully cured. He needs chemotherapy that would cost the family about Rs 4 lakhs.

A worried Imona Khatoon

Sayfer has withdrawn into a shell after he got to know that he is suffering from cancer

Good in studies and always an active child, Sayfer would never spend a single minute of his day whiling away. He was always full of funny anecdotes that happened at school. But since few months, his older brother, Hazrat noticed that Sayfer was not quite himself - he had some problems while riding his cycle.
“Sayfer complained of a pain in his left leg. We took him to the local doctors but the medicines he gave didn’t make my brother any better. I saw him get weaker by the day. He almost stopped talking to all of us. It was terrible to see my younger brother struggle through so much pain,” - Hazrat, brother. 

Imona and Hazrat with Sayfer

The family has struggled to afford Sayfer’s surgery but now they need your help to cure him completely

Sayfer’s father, Badsa Shekh is a farmer who works on the farms of other people. He hardly earns anything to make the two ends meet. He is toiling hard in Assam trying to work up a miracle for his son. Badsa’s older sons support him but even then they are in no position to continue with Sayfer’s chemotherapy. The only thing that Sayfer’s family is counting on is the help from all of you. A small contribution from your side can bring back the smile on Sayfer’s face.

Your generous contribution can help this teenager be cancer-free 

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