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9-Month-Old Girl Needs To Be Sedated Everyday To Fall Asleep Because Of Her Pain

Ever had that annoying itch from a mosquito bite that didn’t let you have a good night’s sleep? Baby Sandreia has not been able to sleep for the last four months as she keeps itching all the time. At just 9 months, Sandreia has a damaged liver that is causing her so much pain that she cannot sleep. Every day, she needs to be sedated.

Sandreia is their only chance at family

Archana took a great risk to have a baby. She has cysts and fibroids in her uterus. Another pregnancy is not in the stars. She is always anxious about Sandreia. When the baby was diagnosed with jaundice at 4 months, Archana panicked. Her intuition struck in the moment Sandreia began itching all over. 
“The doctors asked us to do a liver biopsy and only then we discovered that she is suffering from a genetic disease. The explained to us that her liver can’t secrete bile - it gets accumulated, damaging the cells. - Archana

An old pic of the happy family

It was only last month they got to know that a transplant is Sandreia’s only hope

Since her parents got to know of the disease, Sandreia has been under strict medication. But her condition is far from improving. She has been spending sleepless nights due to the pain and vomits out everything that she eats. She had just started walking but the disease has taken away all her energy.


“Last month when we did a bile test, we found out that her bile level was around 43 (10 being the normal). Doctors told us that now her only hope is a liver transplant.” - Jay Raj

They have sold their jewellery and borrowed money - still they are unable to afford the transplant

The medicines have cost Jay Raj around 1.2 lakh which he borrowed from his friends. He works in a private company and tries his best to make the two ends meet. Archana is a homemaker but seeing her husband struggle night and day for their baby, she sold her gold jewellery.
“We have also borrowed from our friends. Both our families are not in a position to help us with money. If we don’t get help, we will never be able to arrange the 18 lakhs and get our baby girl treated.”

How you can help

9-month-old baby Sandreia might not live till her first birthday, if she doesn’t undergo a liver transplant. Both her parents are willing to be the donors but they are too poor to even go forward with the tests. They need your help to save the apple of their eye.

Your kind support can save this baby's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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