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Partially Blind 5-Year-Old Needs ICU Stay To Recover From Severe Infection In Lungs

Little Ashruth started gradually losing vision in his left eye even before he turned 1 year old. He  struggled to see things with one eye, and often would be mocked by children his age. But with time passing by and with his parents' constant support, he slowly started learning the alphabet and numbers, and was excited to start going to school also.

But for the past 10 days, Ashruth has been lying motionless in the ICU, struggling to recover from the dreadful condition and all Padma could do is helplessly watch him while silently praying in her heart to see his smiling face once again. Ashruth needs to stay in PICU care for 4 more days and his helpless parents can only save their loving child with your help.

It all started as a small fever that slowly worsened his condition

Little Ashruth was enjoying his sweet childhood happily spending time with his little brother  Rithik (3) and his parents Padma and Satish in a small village near Peddapalli district, Telangana. He was a happy and cheerful kid who loved spending time with his family. But one fine morning, he started having fever. Though he was given medicines to get better, the fever didn’t subside and was worsening his condition. Worried, his parents were left with no choice, than to take Ashruth to Hyderabad, Telangana for better treatment.

Ashruth when he was healthy

By the time Ashruth was taken to Hyderabad, his lungs were accumulated with fluids and he was unable to breathe. He was taken to the ICU immediately and kept on ventilator support. On the third day of his ICU stay, he was diagnosed with a blood clot near his urinary bladder because of which he was unable to pee. He immediately underwent cystostomy surgery to remove the clot that was obstructing his urine passage. Ashruth is now able to pass urine and is making progress each day. Though he is weak and his mouth is plastered with tubes, he still tries to talk to his parents asking just one thing, ‘Amma, I don’t want to stay here. Please take me home.’

Satish borrowed money to save his son but that even isn't enough to continue his treatment

Satish earns a meager income of 10,000 Rs per month and it was sufficient enough for him to provide a decent life to his family. Satish begged every person that he knows to lend him some money to save Ashruth. Satish borrowed 4 lakhs so far and spent every paisa that he borrowed for his son’s treatment. They have spent sleepless nights and tear-filled days in the waiting hall anxiously waiting to see their son who is slowly recovering from this dreadful condition in the intensive care. And now with no money left and no words left to express their pain, Padma could only say, ‘Please help me save my son. I will be forever grateful for your help.’

Ashruth needs your help to live

Ashruth need to stay in the ICU for four more days. It’s the way that he can get better but after spending all the money they borrowed, his parents are in dire need your help to continue his son’s PICU stay.

Ashruth can only get better with your contribution

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