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Terrified 6-year-old Wants To Sleep All The Time But Doesn't Because He Is Afraid He Won't Wake Up

"He starts crying the minute we go to the hospital, does not let the nurse treat him. It is hard to get him through each transfusion. My husband and I have to hold him down for hours." - Minati
6-year-old Pratik is a terrified young boy. Every minute he begs his mother to take him home. He does not want the injections. He is afraid of blood. He says he feels like sleeping all the time, but asks his mother if he will wake up. If Pratik gets injured, the bleeding will not stop, yet he has fallen unconscious several times. It all started on the first day of school.

'We were first told it is cancer, but then discovered it is much worse'

Looking back, Minati realized there were signs that they had ignored. Her son was not too playful. He could never catch up with friends while playing. He would keep asking them to wait for him, and complain to his mother about it. She just told him to try harder.

“Then in December, his fevers increased. Every 3 days he would have a high temperature. Dolo and Crocin did not really work. That day when he fainted, he had started having nose bleeds. It did not stop for an hour. Now it happens so many times in a day. We were foolish to be relieved this is not cancer. This disease is worse.” – Minati

'He cannot fall, play, breathe fresh air, or miss even one transfusion'

From Agartala to Kolkata, the family took multiple opinions about Pratik’s condition. Pratik was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. As his body is hardly making any blood, Pratik needs blood transfusions every few days. If he does not get blood, he will die. Now, since he lacks platelets and clotting factors, he cannot afford an injury. If he falls, he may bleed uncontrollably and lose his life. Since he is running low on WBCs as well, he cannot be exposed to germs. A cold can defeat his immune system and put him in the ICU.

“He is such a sweet child - he loves playing with his brother, Saikat. Since December, I feel like Pratik is no longer his own self.  He doesn’t talk, he has become very cranky. Sometimes, he has severe breathing trouble as well. The disease has made him so weak that he can hardly walk. All he wants is to go back home.” - Minati

Pratik’s parents are leaving no stone unturned to save him but they can do only so much

Subarna owns a grocery shop and makes about Rs 5000-6000 per month. His family depends solely on his income. In the last two months, they have already spent about Rs 4 lakhs. They are now in need of Rs 35 lakhs more for Pratik’s life-saving transplant.

“Everyone in the neighbourhood loves Pratik. Along with my relatives, so many of my neighbours had come forward to help me start my son’s treatment. But 35 lakhs is a huge amount - I need help to arrange that.” - Subarna.
Any money they have received is going towards his blood transfusions, medicines, and admission. If they delay his transplant, there is an increased risk of losing him.

Your contribution can save this boy's life.

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