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Without Money, This Wife Has To Borrow Food From Neighbours To Support Husband With Cancer

“Untill 2 months ago, our lives were different. My husband never made me or our daughters bear the pain of poverty. He worked hard to give us a good life. Now, he is lying helpless in bed. It hurts him to know I have to go around asking people for rice and potatoes to cook a meal. I never thought cancer will bring my family to a position of begging and borrowing but we are ready to go through this to save my husband-"Nafiza

 Parvez has lost his spark and smile because of cancer

Parvez had a simple, happy life with his wife Nafiza and 2 daughters, Mehreen and Umaiza. Parvez has always been a person full of life. He drives an auto on the roads of Mumbai. But for Parvez, driving his auto-rickshaw was more of a way of meeting new people, having a new journey every day. He always found happiness in little things. But, cancer shattered his entire life. His face no longer has that spark that once could bring a s mile on other faces.

Without treatment, Parvez will not make it and time is already running out

3 months ago, Parvez suddenly observed a lump in his testicles. It kept growing unless it became so large and painful that without an operation, the lump could have ruptured and killed him. The doctors told him that it was a cancerous tumor and he needed immediate surgery. Parvez underwent a surgery a month ago.

During further medical tests, doctors found that he has cancer called Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer which develops in the lymph nodes. If he doesn’t start chemotherapy immediately, cancer will kill him. 

Old photograph of Parvez and Nafiza

“My husband has been suffering with multiple difficulties. For the past 8 years, he has been suffering from chronic kidney disease. Only 40 percent of his kidneys are functioning now. But he continued to work 9 hours a day. He has been on medicines all this while. But now, with cancer we are slowly losing him. If I fail to start his treatment at the earliest, cancer will also affect his kidneys. There’s so less time and I have no money. I wish I had been working,” - Nafiza, Parvez's wife.

An old picture of the once-happy couple

Even after taking loans, Nafiza can no longer afford his treatment

Parvez was the only bread-earner. He hasn’t been able to drive his auto for more than a month now. After paying the auto owner Rs 200 every day, he made an income of Rs 300-400 per day. On some days, he would make as low as Rs 100. Parvez has spent a significant amount for his elder daughter's education. The money that had to be used for his treatment now, was kept aside for his younger daughter's education. This has left Parvez guilty for having left his family with no help. Parvez and Nafiza also had to borrow money on high interest from private lenders and borrowed from his friends too. His family has no means to arrange Rs 5 lakhs for his chemotherapy now.

How you can help

Father of 2 daughters, Parvez was already suffering from kidney disease for 8 years, when suddenly he was diagnosed with cancer. His poor wife has no means to save him. His family is in a helpless state and needs urgent support to save him.

“I feel like the whole world has come to an end. I haven’t known the world without my husband. I can’t imagine how I will live if he’s gone. All the doors before me are shut. I will have to save him at any cost. But without help, it is impossible,” - Nafiza.

Your support will help this sole bread earner support his family.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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