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2-Year-Old’s Fatal Condition Has Left Him Blind And Motionless, Needs Urgent Help

“My Nirbann is just 2-years-old but he plays football. From the time he started walking, he loved kicking the ball around and the way he used to play football, left most of our relatives amazed. I always told my husband that he would become a football player when he grows up. But for the past few days, the ball has remained untouched. My little boy suffers from a dangerous disease and he suffered a stroke 3 days back. He has lost his vision and can’t walk anymore. We will lose him if we cannot continue his treatment ,” - Susmita, 2-year-old Nirbann’s mother.

Nirbann's parents didn't realise that his recurrent fevers were a sign of something more fatal

6 months ago baby Nirbann had a normal fever. But a few days later, when he suddenly couldn’t walk anymore, his parents, Susmita and Newton sensed something was terribly wrong with their baby. They consulted a doctor. Soon they came to know that his inability to walk was a sign of a fatal condition in which there is a narrowing of certain blood vessels. With initial treatment, he began walking again temporarily.  Just when the parents thought that they got their son back, his fever was back.

“ When his fever didn't subside. I was scared that this time too he will lose his ability to walk. But it was worse. My little son lost his vision. He kept screaming as all he could see was complete darkness. I constantly held him in my arms, but nothing seemed to comfort my baby. His painful screams haunt whenever I try to close my eyes.”- Susmita
Baby Nirbann underwent a surgery on 8th of October. But instead of recovering, he started bleeding internally. The bleeding became so severe that he had blood clots on the left side of his brain and suffered a stroke 3 days ago.

The little boy is so critical that without treatment he can succumb to his illness at any moment

His condition is very critical now. He needs to stay in the intensive care unit to stay alive now. After suffering a stroke, Nirbann cannot bring himself to speak whatever little he picked up so far. All he can do now is cry in pain.

“He has always been very obedient and adjusted to the surroundings very well. He stayed with his grandparents and threw no tantrums when Newton would go to work and I would go to college (as I am still doing my degree). Being the only little child in our family, he was very much pampered. Now, we can't believe that we are on the verge of losing him. This has left the entire family devastated."- Susmita

His father's modest income is no longer enough to save their dying baby

Newton had a decent income with which he could manage to give his family a normal life. But for the past 2 months, he hasn’t been able to work and is buried in debt. For Nirbann’s treatment alone he has spent Rs 3 lakhs so far. He had to borrow to afford daily meals. Newton and Susmita doubt if they will ever be able to repay the debts, but now all they know is that they have to save their baby. But to save him they need another Rs 1.2 lakhs which is impossible for them to arrange.

How you can help

2-year-old Nirbann’s arteries are constricted. Despite a surgery, he suffered a stroke and is now blind and motionless. The poor parents have exhausted everything in the past 2 months. They can no longer find a way to save their only child.

Your support will help this critical baby stay alive

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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