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2-Year-Old Girl With Growing Cancerous Tumour In Kidney Needs Urgent Surgery To Survive

Little Navya (2.5) walks into her house, wiping her tiny hands on her soiled clothes, with an innocent smile on her face. Kantaben smiles at her knowingly and quickly takes her in to clean up before lunch. She asks her to be careful and not tire herself out by playing outside, but Navya is too young to understand the reason behind her mother’s concern. When once Kantaben would let her play for hours, she now keeps a close eye on her. Navya is playful and active, and sometimes when Kantaben and Amrutbhai watch her with her toys or outside with her friends, they forget for a second that there’s a growing cancerous tumour in their baby girl that can turn fatal at any moment.

The poor parents found hope with Navya’s birth, but their happiness was tragically short-lived

Navya’s birth was a celebration for her parents who felt like their prayers were finally answered. They never had an easy life, but her birth was a sign of hope for them.

“We live in a very dry village in Gujarat, where water shortage is a big problem. We have scanty rain, and crops don’t grow as we want them to. My husband works as a daily wager on others’ farms and our livelihood depends on those crops. He had given up, but when Navya was born, everything started looking up for us. His work got better, we were happier.” - Kantaben, mother.

Unfortunately, Amrutbhai and Kantaben’s hopes for a happy, healthy childhood for their daughter were crushed when she was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumour, cancer that starts in the kidneys, last month. What they thought was a mere fever, turned out to be a deadly disease and now only an urgent surgery can save her life.

An urgent surgery can save their only child, but her parents don’t have any savings or means to afford it

Navya needs a surgery to remove her right kidney to ensure that the tumour doesn’t spread further. This is her only chance to beat the disease, however, Amrutbhai finds himself helpless. He has no one to turn to for help.

“Everyone we know is a labourer, and there is no way they can afford to give us even a small portion of that. It would mean that they won’t be able to afford a meal for the day. We don’t have any savings either. She needs the surgery at the earliest, and our poverty is the only thing standing in her way.” - Amrutbhai, father.

How You Can Help

Little Navya needs an urgent surgery to survive the growing cancerous tumour in her body. Her parents’ lives have come to a standstill ever since her diagnosis and they’ve spent all their time trying to find a way to afford the 3 lakhs required. They need your help to save their only child and give her a chance of a healthy future.

Your support will save 2-year-old Navya's life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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