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They Know The Pain Of Losing A Baby, With Your Help They Can Save Their Second One

When Fatima was born, this couple got a second chance of having a happy family. Everything was fine until last Friday when they were told that their baby girl has a chronic kidney disease and might not survive if treatment is not done at the earliest. Younus and Nahid are reliving their worst nightmares again. 

“Our first born was a boy and he died within 40 days after his birth. When I was pregnant the second time,we were scared. We were so thankful to Allah when 40 days passed and Fatima was healthy and happy but now....”- Nahid,mother

His is praying for a miracle - you can help him

Younus, the father, has borrowed from every source possible to save his child and now he is all out of options. He sits in a corner and prays to Allah asking him some mercy and to guide him. Younus is an electrician and his income is not enough for the treatment.  While Younus prays to the Almighty, Nahid is afraid to leave her baby's side. She fears the worst, she thinks if she moves away even for a minute the worst will happen.

“She is in so much pain. Her kidney is swelling and she cries all the time. It is getting difficult to do scans as she cries and her BP rises too.I wish I could reduce her pain somehow. I wish I could just take her home but that looks impossible now, -Nahid

“If anything happens to Fatima, I will not be able to live with that.  I should have protected my baby but I feel so helpless…” -Younus

Everything that Younus had is now over - he has nothing with which he can afford his daughter's treatment. The baby needs to stay there at least for a week, that's the only hope for her.

Fatima is under observation in Pediatrics ICU and needs treatment at the earliest. She has very good chances of survival. They can save her only with your help. Your help can give this family a happy life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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