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Delay In Transplant Puts Boy In Critical Condition And He has Only 48 Hours Left To Get Help

In January the doctors told us that Shanmukha’s liver is completely damaged. He needed a liver transplant immediately, and I was a matched donor too. But we just couldn’t afford it. It’s been 20 days since that day, and I’m still running around the city, looking for anyone who can help me. We nearly lost him once because of the delay. Now I just have 2 days to save him. Else, I’ll lose him forever.”  - Srinivasarao, father

"I knew something wasn’t right with Shanmukha, but I never thought his liver was failing"

The first time Shanmukha (5) had jaundice was when he was just about a month old. He got better with timely medication then but again when he was 1 year old, the disease resurfaced. Medicines cured him even this time and the little boy started going to school. He even started playing cricket with his neighbourhood friends again. But medicines failed when last year in the month of May, Shanmukha had jaundice again. His health just kept getting worse. 

“He doesn’t even have the energy to get up from his bed. He’s always tired and sleeps throughout the day. Now when his friends come to our home asking him to play, he can't go, no matter how much he wants to.” - Nagamani, mother

Shanmukha’s increasing jaundice has damaged his liver completely. His stomach is painfully swollen and about 2 litres of water was removed last week. He can only survive with a liver transplant. 

With just 2 days left and no one to help, Srinivasarao fears he might lose his son

Srinivasarao earns a decent income as an operator in a private company in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Despite some struggles, he was able to fend for his family.  In the past 8 months, he has spent around Rs 3 lakhs, he had to use all his savings and even borrowed money from others just for his son’s treatment and tests. Now he’s struggling to arrange funds for the transplant

I cannot delay his liver transplant otherwise I’ll lose him forever. If my son can live a healthy life with this transplant, then I’m even ready to beg strangers to save my son.” - Srinivasarao, father

Your help can end Shanmukha’s suffering

Once happy and active, Shanmukha is now crying in pain every day because of his damaged liver. He has only 2 days left. If he doesn’t undergo the transplant immediately, he’ll lose his life. It’s impossible for Srinivasarao to arrange Rs 25 lakhs in just 2 days for his son’s liver transplant. But with your help, he can save his son.

Your contribution will give Shanmukha a healthy life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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