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6-Year-Old Who Can't Even Open Her Eyes Due To Rare Infection Will Go Completely Blind Without Urgent Treatment

6-year-old Jeeva, the elder daughter of Suganya and Sivakumar, was an active and cheerful girl studying in grade 1. Her eyes shone with pride when she told her parents that she is the 'leader' of her class. She was a quick learner and has high energy levels all the time. Being very fond of her little brother, she used to teach him rhymes and numbers. Every time she was around, their house was filled with her laughter, but now Jeeva is in the hospital, with no energy to even speak. A swelling in her eye, which seemed to be harmless, is now threatening her life. She has been confined to the bed for the past 10 days, unable to open her eyes. Her vision on her right eye is completely blurred and to make things worse, the infection has spread to her left eye too.

" When her eyes started swelling, I thought it would was due to dust allergy and would subside soon. She even went to school like any other day. But when I got a call from the school saying that the swelling had worsened and her eyes became red, I was shocked. I came back home and thought of waiting for a day for it to get better and that's the biggest mistake I've done, I don't think I will can ever forgive myself. The next day, she got violent seizures, and by the time we took her to hospital, she lost her consciousness." - Siva Kumar, Father.

Jeeva suffers from a rare eye infection that threatens to take away her vision

Little Jeeva, was lying unconscious in ICU for three days. She was diagnosed with bilateral orbital cellulitis, an infection of the soft tissues of the eyelids which causes difficulty in eye movements with double or no vision. It also causes painful bulging of the lower and upper eyelids. She was also diagnosed with staphylococcus sepsis, an uncommon infection that releases toxic substances and causes high fever and drastic drop in blood pressure, dizziness and confusion. In the same week, she was also diagnosed with a terrible brain disease that affects her brain function.

"It is beyond my strength to comprehend all that the doctors have said. In just a matter of few days, our lives changed. She cannot open her eyes, I'm scared that she may never be able to see us again. She hardly speaks, it is painful to see her in this condition. What will I do if my child turns blind completely? How can I comfort her? - Siva Kumar.

Jeeva before she fell sick

Jeeva's parents are completely shattered watching their daughter in pain

Jeeva's mother Sukanya is at home, taking care of her two little children Sai (4) and Jeevitha (4) who refuse to leave their mother even for a minute. Though Siva Kumar has not revealed everything that the doctors have told to Sukanya, her motherly instinct knows that something is very wrong. All she can do is to cry day and night. Siva Kumar has been single-handedly taking care of Jeeva. He waits desperately for her to open her eyes and talk to him.

"I keep telling her that I'll take her back home and she can go to school. She tries to touch her eyelid, but it is causing her pain and she begins to cry. I can't bear to think of the thoughts running in her mind. Doctors said her condition can turn to completely blindness or even fatal without treatment.  I'm losing her slowly and I'm not able to do anything about it." - Siva Kumar.

Jeeva needs 2 more weeks of hospital stay to recover completely but her parents cannot afford it

Siva Kumar works in a private company as an office assistant. He earns Rs 8000 per month. With his meagre income, he managed to feed his family but has never been able to save anything. When his daughter was admitted to the ICU, he borrowed 20,000 from his friends and relatives. Now, he has nothing left. He has not moved from Jeeva's side from the day she was admitted, he even skips his meals. Bills are piling up everyday and he has already exhausted everything he had.

"The very thought of my little girl losing her eye sight is breaking me. She deserves a normal life. I still can't get over the thought that I delayed bringing her to the hospital. We need 1 lakh to continue the treatment but I don't know whom to turn for help." -  Siva Kumar.

How you can help

6-year-old Jeeva is suffering from a deadly eye infection. This little girl is not able to open her eyes and the infection can lead to complete blindness and even turn fatal. Her parents do not have anything left with them to save her. The infection in Jeeva's eyes can spread rapidly or damage all her organs. With your help, this young girl's sight and life can be saved.

Your kind contribution can save 6-year-old's eyesight and life

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  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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