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This 2-Year-Old Is Not Getting Help Because He Doesn't Look Like He Has Cancer

'I understand why people don't believe me when I say my son has cancer. But, who will lie about these things? And, what kind of people don't even give loan to save a child?' - Bihender

When 2-year-old Jatin was first admitted to the hospital, he became popular for his chatty and chirpy nature. If the medical staff had not seen his scans and test reports, they would never have believed he was sick. The saddest part is he tries to stay energetic even when his body is giving up. It is the reason that he is unable to get help now to beat cancer.

2 years old, hit with the worst kind of blood cancer

A few weeks ago, the bright-faced toddler turned pale. His parents were worried he had jaundice. At a local medical center in Haryana, he was diagnosed with anemia. Within a few days, Jatin refused to walk. His father, Bihender, thought the boy was seeking attention and later discovered that he had severe muscle cramps.

“We went to Gurgaon. Again, they did tests. I would have never guessed that my son has blood cancer. We had to start chemotherapy immediately." - Bihender

Jatin does not talk or walk anymore

Jatin loved the attention at the hospital. He was not scared even while getting injections. He would play with the nurse while getting chemotherapy. He knows he has a fever and believes the medicines will cure it.
“Gone are the days when he used to run around our neighborhood. Jatin would meet and say hello to everyone on the street. He would play all day long. He was like a ball full of energy. Now, I can’t recognize my son. I have to force him to come sit with me when I’m cooking, or make him sit on his toy cycle. He has gotten weak. He keeps having fever. He hardly talks anymore.” - Ritu

There is no money left to even buy medicines for the fever

Every other day, Jatin needs blood transfusions. His father has been unable to afford even his fever medicines . He has emptied his savings and loans over an initial round of chemotherapy. With nothing left to pay the bills, he has taken his son back home while Jatin should be at the hospital for treatment.
“He has a high temperature all the time. We keep him warm. When he gets a little blood, he is better. Again in a day, he loses all color on his face. I cannot go back until I have some money. They tell me I can’t stop his treatment either. This disease will take him quickly if I don’t get him the treatment.” – Bihender

Bihender has been constantly turned away while seeking help

Because of how cheerful he is, people don’t believe that Jatin has cancer. The villagers refuse to help Bihender, worried that he may be scamming them. Jatin and his parents share a 3-room house with his grandmother, uncle, aunt, and their children. Bihender supports his family on Rs. 7,500 from his peon job. He struggled to pay for the first round of chemotherapy and now has given up hope that he can ever arrange the remaining money. 

“His disease is dangerous. It will spread fast. He is now supposed to be in chemotherapy but I do not have enough to even travel to the hospital. The doctor has said his condition is getting worse. If we keep delaying the next round, the cancer will get stronger and take my Jatin. Even with treatment at that time, we won’t be able to save him.” - Bihender

Jatin’s body cannot keep up with the fight for long. He needs continuous treatment and your contribution can save his life.

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