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This Teacher Is Struggling To Save His 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Cannot Eat Anymore Due To A Rare Disease

“My 13-year-old daughter, Deepti sits silently by the window as she watches her friends go to school. She has lost almost 4 kgs in just 2 months. Constant vomiting after every meal has made her weaker than ever. She sometimes cries asking us unlike her brother, Aditya, why does she have to miss the new academic year.  The thought that her rare disease can even kill her, has made me sleepless”-Devidas, father

Doctors couldn't say what was wrong with Deepti for a long time, leaving her lingering in pain

A bright and active teenager Deepti, is the youngest in the family. She was pampered by everyone. Devidas and Archana couldn’t understand what was wrong with their daughter when she started vomiting after every meal. The family stays in a small village in Maharashtra and barely had access to advanced medical facilities.

“From last January, Deepti has been battling a recurrent fever. She stopped eating all of a sudden. The girl who never used to even get upset kept on crying for nights because of her stomach ache. When even after months, she couldn’t be diagnosed, I took her to Hyderabad.”

Deepti wants to go back to school, but she can hardly get up from bed

Deepti has a rare disease called chron’s colitis. It is a condition which causes inflammation in the colon. While for different people, this disease can attack different parts of the digestive system, for Deepti it is a part of her intestine that is affected. She is at a high risk of even losing her life if she isn’t able to get a surgery soon.

“My once happy girl doesn’t talk much anymore. There’s a sadness lingering on her face. She feels so sick and tired all the time that she keeps on crying. I cannot even console her. She wants to go back to school and do everything that her brother does, but all she can do is lie on the bed and stare at the walls”-Archana, mother

Devidas has exhausted everything to save his daughter

Devidas teaches science to the kids in his village. Every time he has to go to Hyderabad, he loses his pay. He manages to earn about Rs 17,000 every month, but that didn't amount to much because he had to pay Rs 1.5 lakh in just 15 days. He has already spent a total of Rs 3 lakhs which he doesn’t even earn in an entire year.
“Archana and I haven’t been able to sleep thinking that we have no way to arrange funds. Her medicines and injections cost so much. I have begged and borrowed from almost every friend to continue her treatment so far. It is difficult for me to arrange such huge amount of money. But without the surgery, we will lose her and I can’t afford to do that”-Devidas

How you can help

Deepti is suffering from a rare disease of her digestive system and she needs an urgent surgery to stay alive. Her constant suffering is pushing her towards death. The cost required for her treatment is Rs 10 lakhs and her father has nothing left to save her.

Your support can keep this teenager live.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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